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Student Spotlight: Adam Sinagra awarded the Ted Morris Memorial Trophy

The UCDinos bring home the Vanier Cup for the fifth time. Photo by David Moll.

On Saturday, November 23rd, the UCalgary Dinos went up against the Montreal Carabins in Quebec City for a chance at the Vanier Cup championship—and brought it home after twenty-five years.

Weren't there and want to know how to how the game went in each quarter? Check out Ben Matchett's write-up!

The game's MVP and the star of the season has been Adam Sinagra, an economics undergraduate student, who was awarded the Ted Morris Memorial Trophy. He completed 22 of 28 passes for 292 yards and two touchdowns in his final football game—just another impressive achievement to add to his list. Earlier this season, Sinagra was reported to have been holding the second all-time for passing yards in a single game.

Register for to celebrate the UCDinos' victory today at 1:00pm on November 28th! You'll be joined by President Ed McCauley, Dean of Kinesiology Penny Werthner and Athletic Director Jason Kerswill to celebrate this historic win. Remember to wear red and be ready to cheer!

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