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2019-04: Asset Integration, Risk Taking and Loss Aversion in the Laboratory

Oxoby, Robert and Morrison, William G.
We report on a laboratory experiment testing for the presence of loss aversion, as separate from risk aversion, utilizing an asset integration protocol designed to ensure that a loss of cash provided by the experimenter is viewed as a real loss by experimental participants. Our experimental design...

2019-03: An Empirical and Qualitative Assessment of Terrorism Sentencing Decisions in Canada since 2001

Oxoby, Robert, Nesbitt, Michael and Potier, Meagan
In this paper, we take a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary look at terrorism sentencing decisions over a 17-year period, between September 2001 when the ATA was first conceived of and September 2018.

2019-02: Markov Switching Oil Price Uncertainty

Serletis, Apostolos and Xu, Libo
We investigate whether the United States economy responds negatively to oil price uncertainty and whether oil price shocks exert asymmetric e¤ects on economic activity. In doing so, we relax the assumption in the existing literature that the data are governed by a single process, modifying the...

2019-01: Long-term Contextual Effects in Education: Schools and Neighborhoods

Laliberté, Jean-William
To what extent do differences in educational outcomes across neighborhoods reflect discrepancies in local school quality? This paper decomposes total childhood exposure effects -- the causal effect of growing up in a better area -- into separate school and non-school neighborhood components. To do...

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