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2019-05: Orphan drug pricing and costs

Hollis, Aidan
Background: A common narrative is that high prices are necessary for “orphan drugs” because of the small number of patients. In the context of state health insurance systems the high prices create significant challenges because of limited budgets. Results: This study carefully examines both...

2019-04: Asset Integration, Risk Taking and Loss Aversion in the Laboratory

Oxoby, Robert and Morrison, William G.
We report on a laboratory experiment testing for the presence of loss aversion, as separate from risk aversion, utilizing an asset integration protocol designed to ensure that a loss of cash provided by the experimenter is viewed as a real loss by experimental participants. Our experimental design...

2019-03: An Empirical and Qualitative Assessment of Terrorism Sentencing Decisions in Canada since 2001

Oxoby, Robert, Nesbitt, Michael and Potier, Meagan
In this paper, we take a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary look at terrorism sentencing decisions over a 17-year period, between September 2001 when the ATA was first conceived of and September 2018.

2019-02: Markov Switching Oil Price Uncertainty

Serletis, Apostolos and Xu, Libo
We investigate whether the United States economy responds negatively to oil price uncertainty and whether oil price shocks exert asymmetric e¤ects on economic activity. In doing so, we relax the assumption in the existing literature that the data are governed by a single process, modifying the...

2019-01: Long-term Contextual Effects in Education: Schools and Neighborhoods

Laliberté, Jean-William
To what extent do differences in educational outcomes across neighborhoods reflect discrepancies in local school quality? This paper decomposes total childhood exposure effects -- the causal effect of growing up in a better area -- into separate school and non-school neighborhood components. To do...

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