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New Summer 2020 ECON course offering: ECON 491 Managerial and Decision Economics

For Summer 2020, the Department of Economics has added another course, ECON 491 taught by Dr. David Walls!

Course number and title: ECON 491 (Managerial and Decision Economics)
Calendar description:
Systematic economic analysis in managerial decision-making. Application of practical ideas to business decisions, integrating global business issues and practices with conceptually rigorous economic analysis.
Time: Mon, Wed (9:00am - 11:45am)
Pre-reqs: ECON 357 and 395
Anti-reqs: ECON 499.80

Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes:
1. Familiarity with the types of industry-specific data that may be useful in managerial decision-making, including the ability to gather data and calculate meaningful descriptive statistics.
2. Develop the ability to creatively apply the tools of economic theory and data analysis in a practical manner to inform firm-level decisions.
3. Develop the ability to understand how historical factors, market institutions and regulation may impact firm-level decisions.
4. Develop the ability to identify and articulate the economic significance of current events and policy statements for firm-level decisions.
5. Develop the ability to communicate clearly, with non-economists, and in non-technical language, complex ideas about how economic analysis can inform business decisions.

Summer 2020 course registration opened on February 4, 2020. Please go through your Student Centre to register.

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