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Department Spotlight: Nine Summer Internship Placements in Regulatory Economics in Summer 2020!

The Department of Economics is pleased to announce nine internship placements at a number of organizations this summer, as part of the Summer Internship in Regulatory Economics (SIRE) Program.

Six of the students will join the Canadian Energy Regulatory (CER) this summer. Research projects on regulation and energy markets at the CER that will utilize SIRE students include:

  • assessing feasible and deployable clean technologies within the oil sands, as well as looking into ESG investing
  • reporting on the performance of CER-regulated infrastructure
  • increasing the quality of information on the export of crude oil from Canada
  • assessing the prospects for further economic development of wind and solar power generation
  • modelling and projecting international trade in electricity
  • contributing to CER’s publications, including its Energy Futures Report.

The students interning at the CER students are working from home in the Integrated Energy Information and Analysis Business Unit.

Other placements that proceeded despite the lockdown are at Chymko Consulting, Church Economic Consultants, and Enbridge Pipelines (a permanent position). Unfortunately, there were a number of other placements that were canceled due to the pandemic.

Placing nine students, especially during a lockdown is a terrific outcome and the Department is grateful to the sponsors for hiring SIRE students in these unusual circumstances. We at the Department are confident that all students placed in 2020 will make substantial contributions in their internships, continuing the Department of Economic’s tradition of matching excellent students with employers.

Want to know more about SIRE, the Summer Internship in Regulatory Economics?

SIRE has placed students in summer positions since 2000. Students have been placed at a large number of different organizations and firms including the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), Alliance Pipeline, Analysis Group in Montreal, ATCO, the Department of Energy in Alberta, Capital Power, Alberta's Market Surveillance Administrator (Electricity), ENMAX, Enbridge, EPCOR, Kinder Morgan, the National Energy Board, TransCanada Energy and TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL), the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA), and Telus.

For students to be eligible for SIRE, they must have completed the senior courses in Industrial Organization (Econ 471) and Regulatory Economics (Econ 477), three years of studies, and have a grade point average of at least 3.0 over their last 15 half-courses and in the required course sequence in industrial organization. Recommended courses include a course in Excel (Econ 311), econometrics (Econ 495), and the economics of competition policy (Econ 571).

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