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Department of Economics News Roundup: Our faculty and instructors are making headlines!

As election season begins in Canada, those at the Department of Economics at UCalgary have been called upon by the news for their research and expert opinions on issues that are at the forefront for our province, such as the carbon tax and the oil industry. We've made a roundup of all the news you may have missed the past few weeks!

Dr. Ken McKenzie, a faculty member focused on public finance and public policy, was interviewed by two outlets recently for his recently released paper titled "Altering the Tax Mix in Alberta" which advises sustaining a carbon tax and cutting corporate tax. He is featured in CBC's article, "Alberta could run near $40B deficit by 2040 if changes not made, paper suggests" as well as Bloomberg's video news update titled, "U.S. tax changes should trigger broader reform in Canada: C.D. Howe" (please be advised that the video will not appear if you are using an adblocker).

Dr. Blake Shaffer, one of our sessional instructors and a former energy trader, was interviewed by Max Fawcett for his opinion piece featured in the CBC, "What happens if Albertans keep praying for another oil boom, but God has none left to give?"

Dr. Trevor Tombe has been featured in numerous news updates that are listed in chronological order, starting from his August interview on the CJSW podcast called 'The Almanacs' regarding "why Alberta's anger around western alienation and equalization is misplaced". He's been featured in CBC's article, "Bringing clarity to the sometimes murky world of equalization payments", as welll as Global News' "Fact check: Singh, Scheer and May slam an absent Trudeau with half-truths at debate" and Calgary Herald's "Three leaders serve 'baloner' at first debate while Trudeau skips out" write-ups after our first 2019 federal election debate on September 12th. He's also made comments on the parties' proposals and promises, which have been featured in The Globe and Mail's "Green platform proposes help for energy workers displaced under aggressive climate plan" and the National Post's "Federal election 2019 roundup: People's Party of Canada invited to official leaders' debates", as well as CBC's "Scheer's proposed tax cut isn't 'universal' — but it would save money for many Canadians". Be sure to follow Dr. Tombe's twitter for more economic analysis in real time as the election season continues!

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