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The Department of Economics' Faculty of Arts 2018 Winners!

The Department of Economics is thrilled to announce that it is the only department to have two winners at the Faculty of Arts Awards this year! Congratulations to Dr. Lucija Muehlenbachs and Dr. Lucia Vojtassak!

New Scholar Research Award – Lucija Muehlenbachs (Economics)

An internationally recognized rising star in the field of environmental and resource economics, Muehlenbachs has been ranked in the top 10 percent of women economists in the world. She is internationally recognized for her work in understanding the economic role of fossils fuels in the economy and she is a sought out speaker regarding the Alberta economy and the extraction of oil and gas in Canada. As Department of Economics head Rob Oxoby aptly puts it, she is “unequivocally one of the strongest young economists in the profession.”

Established Teacher Award – Lucia Vojtassak (Economics)

Among the broad array of classes Vojtassak teaches in the Department of Economics are intermediate courses in mathematical economics and econometrics, which are some of the most difficult undergraduate courses in the department. The USRI scores in these classes are notoriously low, however, when taught by Vojtassak, student ratings in those courses are always well above the historical average. This speaks to the great quality of her teaching. She has also addressed the issue of a low number of women in economics and she’s taken steps to rectify the problem, acting as an important mentor to emerging female economists.

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