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Submitted by dfto on Wed, 07/11/2007 - 2:46pm

I want to take an Economics course but it's full. Does the Department allow overloads?

All Economics courses have enrollment limits – overloads will not be approved. However, our records indicate a number of changes in course registration within the drop/add period. Students wishing to register in courses that are full should attend the classes and check daily the status of course registration.

I want to take an Economics course but I don't have the stated prerequisite(s). What is "consent of the department"?

It is normally required to take all prerequisites before advancing to subsequent courses; however, in certain cases it is possible to have a prerequisite waived. You must first (1) obtain permission from the instructor of the course to take his/her course without the prerequisite, then (2) see the Undergraduate Advisor for final approval in SS 454.

I got a grade of D in one of my courses. Will I be able to use it as a prerequisite?

A grade of D is termed a "minimal pass". It is not a failing grade, but is generally insufficient preparation for subsequent courses in the same subject. A student planning to major in economics who receives a D should consult the undergraduate advisor in SS 454.

How many withdrawals am I allowed to take?

The maximum number of courses a student is allowed to withdraw from is 10 (10 half-course equivalents, or 5 full-course equivalents). For more information, consult the Arts Student Centre in SS 102.

How do I get consent to repeat a course for the third time?

A student may repeat a course previously attempted (including withdrawals) only once. Permission to enroll in a course for the 3rd time is granted only under exceptional circumstances and the student must see the an advisor in the Arts Student Centre (SS 102).

I want to appeal a grade. What do I do?

  • Course work: Students seeking reappraisal of a piece of graded term work should discuss their work with the Instructor within two weeks of the work being returned to the class.
  • Final exam: First, speak with your instructor and review your final exam. If you still wish to file an appeal, fill out a "Request for Reappraisal" form at the Registrar's office and your final exam will be reappraised by another Economics instructor. Be aware that your mark may go up, it may go down, or it may remain the same – and no other appeal will be allowed. Check the deadline dates in the current course Calendar.

Where can I get a copy of a previous exam?

Previous mid-term exams are available in the S.U.E. office; check their web site for office location and hours. Previous finals are available in the Student Union Copy Centre.

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