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Section 1 - Introduction

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1.1 What is the Explicit Syllabus for Economics?

The explicit syllabus for economics describes the undergraduate degrees and programs offered by the Department of Economics at the University of Calgary. It introduces students to the subject matter of economics, the objectives of the programs, their degree requirements, and explains the economics curriculum.

This syllabus is divided into nine sections. Section Two defines and describes the field of economics. Section Three sets out our expectations regarding the core competencies of a graduating student—what they should know and what they should be able to do. Section Four documents the career possibilities associated with a degree in economics. Section Five is a brief overview of the different degree options offered by the Department of Economics. Section Six considers the degree requirements for a Major in economics. Section Seven explains the economics curriculum, Section Eight details other program options besides the Major that are available, and Section Nine introduces the faculty and their research interests.

1.2 Where is Economics?

The Department of Economics is located on the 4th floor of the Social Sciences Building, 527 Campus Place NW. For more information on the Department, its programs and faculty consult our web site at You can contact an undergraduate advisor by phone, email or fax. The Department's phone number is (403) 220-5857, its fax number is (403) 282-5262, and its email address is

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