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BA Economics, 1999

Pro:  The department of Economics has taught me to think outside the box, to look at world issues and their
implications on individuals and their behavioural patterns, and to prove it mathematically. Economics
has enabled me to see market failures and within these failures lie untapped opportunities. 

Con:  Do not enter the Economics program if one expects a walk through the park. It takes a talented individual
with the math and analytical skills to make their way through the program. Upon graduation you must prove
to your employer that you have also developed teamwork skills, an area that may be lacking in the economics

I started in September of 94 and ended in April of 99.

Economics gave me the chance to work in Beijing for a management-consulting firm for a year. This was a
terrific experience that only comes once in a lifetime. Now, I currently work as an auditor for a
large European bank here in Calgary. With economics your degree can take you to places one would never

August 2000

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