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Allan Kemp

BA Economics (Honours), 1994
MA Economics, 1996

After defending my thesis in November 1995, I
obtained employment with Westcoast Gas Services in February 1996. My main
duties run along the lines of market analysis. It is my responsibility to be
the company expert in North American supply/demand forecasting fundamentals
and pricing analysis. As a result, I am also responsible for all
pricing/demand forecasting for the company, as well as any presentations to
customers (both producers and end-users), relating to gas markets. Any
requests for analysis come to me (this includes requests from traders on the
floor and our planning department). I publish a monthly document titled “Insider
View” which recaps and analyzes the happenings in the gas market.

I work in a fast paced, dynamic environment,
and it is exciting to come to work.

Benefits of Economics Education
The real value of education in economics is
that it provides one with the ability to analyze a wide variety of problems.
Completing the Master’s program at the University of Calgary has enabled me
to do this. I believe that there is a large demand for people to do economic
analysis, but an especially large demand for those who could put economic
concepts and problems into layman’s terms.

September 1999

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