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(Perry) Gogas

BA Economics, University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece,
MA Economics, University of Saskatchewan,
Saskatoon, 1996
PhD Economics, University
of Calgary, Calgary, 2000

Power Parity, Balanced Growth, and Volatility Forecasting:
An Application of Recent Developments in Time Series Analysis".

After passing my oral comprehensive
exams in May 1998 I joined the Artillery Fighting Service of the Greek Army.

From February 2000, I have been
Treasurer of Leaf Tobacco, A. Michailides S.A., Thessaloniki, Macedonia,
Greece. My duties include
cash-management, managing and monitoring financing operations between Leaf
Tobacco, its subsidiaries in 15 countries and the banking institutions.

January 2000, as a Lecturer at the Athens Stock Exchange Vocational Training
Center I taught the subjects of Macroeconomics, Financial Economics and Risk
Management to stock and insurance brokers as well as bank employees and others
who require accreditation to trade securities.

of Economics Education

Economics education in the new
millennium has a two-fold effect to new economists:
first, it provides the students with the necessary scientific knowledge
to obtain employment in a profession that is characterized by high demand; and
second, the training on the recent developments in the areas of mathematical
and statistical economics makes today’s economists, more than ever in the
profession’s history, an integral part of the global scientific community.
The scientific background and tools that are used to improve the technology
and welfare of humanity are common, but applied to different areas.

this global scientific village, the Department of Economics of the University
of Calgary provides an excellent opportunity for its students to get a
thorough training in economics. Friendly and productive faculty in both
teaching and research, constantly upgraded curriculum and the beautiful City
of Calgary, as Canada’s second most-important financial and business centre
constitute an interesting setting for economics education. 

October 2000

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