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Submitted by Erin Booker on Wed, 06/20/2018 - 4:09pm

What is economics?

Scarce resources. The flow of goods and services. Individual and collective behaviours and interactions. 

Economics is the study of how economic activity is organized when land, labour, capital—even things like clean air and water—are scarce.

We train our students to be able to see, understand, and analyze economic forces in action—in short, to think like economists.

Why study economics?

Economics graduates are intellectually powerful. The intellectual development and capabilities of economics graduates are valued by employers—they're able to think logically and abstractly, communicate effectively, and understand the operation of markets and the logic of optimal decision making.

In Canada, economics graduates usually find work as financial consultants, sales representatives, insurance brokers, financial managers, banking, credit, and investment managers, economists, researchers, consultants, financial analysts, and securities agents.

Where could an economics degree take you? We asked our graduating class of 2017 what they're up to—here's what they've told us.

A unique place to study

Our community is dynamic and energetic and our faculty set us apart, winning teaching and research awards, publishing in the very top journals in the field, including the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy, and the Review of Economic Studies, and serving on prominent editorial boards, including the American Economic Review, the Canadian Journal of Economics, and Canadian Public Policy.

Learn more about enhancing your degree with the cooperative education program or membership in the Arts and Science Honours Academy.

At the University of Calgary, there are many ways to get involved and enjoy student life during your degree.

Enhance your degree

Submitted by Erin Booker on Wed, 06/20/2018 - 4:24pm

Plan your courses strategically to access internships and opportunities

We've created a suite of opportunity streams to help you choose your courses more strategically and effectively. While these won't result in formal designations on your transcript, they will give you specialized expertise that will make you more valuable to prospective employers.

Learn more

Get involved with the Society for Undergraduates in Economics

Find your tribe and make your mark—the Society for Undergraduates in Economics (SUE) is a student-run group with three main goals:

  • support students' academic success in economics courses
  • provide networking and career building opportunities
  • build a welcoming community of students taking economics courses

SUE hosts a number of formal and informal events throughout the fall and winter terms — learn how you can get involved.

Study, learn and travel abroad

More than 1200 UCalgary students go on exchange, group study and internship programs every year. Broaden your worldview and immerse yourself in a new culture through international exchange programs offered year round and intensive group study courses offered during the spring and summer semesters. (Not only will you just pay UCalgary tuition, there's also funding available.)

Learn more

Work, learn and earn with co-op

Combine work experience with academic learning through co-op education. Gain direct, degree-related experience and business and technical skills for a competitive career edge upon graduation.

The deadline to apply is October 15.

Learn more

Roll up your sleeves and get experimental

Economics is a social science and behind all of our data points are people—their choices, behaviours, and relationships.

The Department of Economics is home to a behavioral and experimental economics lab, where we conduct controlled experiments at the intersection of economics, psychology, political science, and management.

Curious? Sign up to become a paid volunteer and discover how behavioural economics data is generated.

Experience research outside the classroom

Conduct research with University of Calgary researchers to learn how research projects are developed and conducted, and how research results can contribute to new knowledge and solve problems both within a field of study and in society.
PURE awards provide financial support to University of Calgary undergraduates to conduct research for 8, 12 or 16 weeks between May and August.
Applications for summer student funding from Alberta InnovatesPURE Awards, the Alberta Cancer Foundation, and the O’Brien Centre Summer Studentships (OCSS) program are now submitted via a streamlined common online application system.

PURE scholarship deadlines will be in February. Find out more here.

ECON undergrad radar

What you need to know to be in the know.

Dates and deadlines

  • Dec. 9 » 19 - Exam period
  • Jan. 13 » First day of Classes
  • Feb. 1 » Change of Program deadline

(Here are all of the important upcoming academic dates and deadlines so you can plan ahead.)

Upcoming events

Recent events

  • Sep. 9 » Navigating your degree info session (ST 140 @ 5pm)
  • Oct. 29 » Working at the United Nations (EEEL 161 @ 4pm)
  • Oct. 31 » Grad School Info Session (ES 162 @ 3:30pm)
  • Dec. 5 »  Parliamentary Budget Officer Presentation  (ST I47 @ 2pm)

Degrees offered

Submitted by Erin Booker on Thu, 06/21/2018 - 12:46pm

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Life is constrained by tough choices and scarce resources. Develop the tools, practical and theoretical knowledge, and data fluency to make decisions and think like an economist.

Fields of study in economics include banking and finance, industrial competition, public policy, energy and environment and international trade.

Program details

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Economics

Strengthen your competitive advantage. Conduct original research, deepen your data fluency skills, and join a community of diverse young scholars.

Our honours program sets students up for success after their undergraduate degree, be it in pursuing advanced study in economics, public policy, business or law or in joining the workforce in areas like industry, regulation, government and finance.

Program details

Concentration in Applied Energy Economics

Calgary is Canada's energy capital—gain real world knowledge that is job relevant and immediately applicable (along with a special designation on your transcript) by focusing your economics program on applied energy economics.

The Concentration in Applied Energy Economics is open to students in both the traditional bachelor's program and the honours program.

Program details

Minor in Economics

Enhance your degree with a minor in Economics—over the course of 10 to 12 classes, develop the foundational skills to think like an economist. 

Program details


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