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Examples of 2006 Publications by Economics Faculty

  • Auld, M.C.,
    "Using observational data to identify
    the effects of health related behavior." In A. Jones (ed) Elgar
    Companion to Health Economics, 2006.
  • Auld, M.C. and Powell, L. (2006) "The
    economics of obesity: Research and policy implications from a Canada--U.S.
    comparison." Forthcoming in Health Services Restructuring: New
    Evidence and New Directions, C. Beach (ed), John Deutsch Institute, Queen's
    University at Kingston.
  • Auld, M.C. (2006) "Estimating behavioral
    response to the AIDS epidemic." Contributions to Economic Analysis and
    Policy 5.
  • Beaulieu, Eugene and J.C. Herbert
    Emery (2006) "Stay the course or find a new path? Canada's reliance on the
    U.S. as an export market," in John M. Curtis and Aaron Sydor eds.
    NAFTA@10. Ottawa: Minister of Public Works and
    Government Services.
  • Bruce, C.J. and A.
    Laroiya, "The Production of Eco-Labels," Environmental and Resource
    Economics, forthcoming.
  • Bruce, C.J. "Can
    Contingent Valuation Solve the 'Adding-Up Problem' in Environmental Impact
    Assessment?" 26 Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 2006, 570-585.
  • Bruce, C.J. "Modeling the
    Environmental Collaboration Process: A Deductive Approach," 59(3) Ecological
    Economics, 2006, 275-286.
  • Emery, J.C. Herbert (2006) "Alberta
    1986: The Bloom Comes off of the Wildrose Province," in Michael Payne,
    Donald Wetherell and Catherine Cavanaugh eds. Alberta Formed -
    Alberta Transformed, Calgary: University of Calgary Press.
  • Emery, J.C. Herbert (2006) "Investing wisely: Is it enough?", in
    Roger Gibbins and Robert Roach eds. Seizing Today and Tomorrow: An Investment
    Strategy for Alberta's Future. Calgary: Canada West Foundation.
  • Emery, J.C. Herbert (2006) "From defining
    characteristic to vitiation of principle: The history of the IOOF's sick benefit
    and its implications for studying American fraternalism," Social Science
    History 30(4), 479-500.
  • Emery, J.C. Herbert, Livio Di Matteo and Ryan
    English (2006) "Is it better to live in a Basement or an Attic? Analyzing the
    Costs and Benefits of a Union of Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba," Canadian
    Public Policy 32(2), 173-196.
  • Emery, J.C. Herbert, Rodney A. Crutcher,
    Alexandra Harrison and Howard Wright (2006 in press) "Social Rates of Return to
    Investment in Skills Assessment and Residency Training of International Medical
    Graduates in Alberta," Health Policy.
  • Ferrer, A., "The
    Effect of Literacy on Immigrant Earnings" (with David Green and Craig Riddell).
    The Journal of Human Resources, vol. 41, n. 2, Spring 2006, pp. 380-410.
  • Ferrer, A. and L.G. Gagné (2006).
    "Housing, Neighborhoods and Development Outcomes of Children in Canada",
    Canadian Public Policy, Vol. 32(3) pp. 275-300.
  • Gordon, D.V. and D. Dupont. "Shadow Prices
    for Fishing Quota: Fishing with Econometrics." In Advances in the Economics
    of the Fishery: Papers in Honor of Professor Gordon Munro, T. Bjørndal,
    D.V. Gordon, R. Arnason and U.R. Sumaila (eds.), Blackwell, Oxford, 2006.
  • Gordon, D.W. and R. Bjørndal. "On
    the Contributions of Professor G.R. Munro to Economics." In Advances in the
    Economics of the Fishery: Papers in Honor of Professor Gordon Munro,
    T. Bjørndal, D.V. Gordon, R. Arnason
    and U.R. Sumaila (eds.), Blackwell, Oxford, 2006.
  • Gordon, D.V., T.
    R. Arnason and U.R. Sumaila (eds.) Frontiers in the Economics of the Fishery:
    Papers in Honor of Professor Gordon Munro, Blackwell, Oxford, 2006.
  • Hollis, A., "How Parallel Trade Affects Drug
    Policies and Prices in Canada and the United States" (with Peter Ibbott)
    American Journal of Law & Medicine, 32(2 & 3): 193-218, Spring
    2006 .
  • Hollis, A., "Neglected Disease Research
    Health Needs and New Models for R & D", in P. Illingworth, U. Schuklenk and J.C.
    Cohen, The Power of Pills, Pluto Press, 2006, 125-133.
  • Hollis, A.
    The City of
    Calgary's Ownership of ENMAX Energy Corporation: Value at Risk
    for Advanced Policy Research Technical Paper #TP-06010, October 2006.
  • Hollis, A. "Drugs for Rare Diseases: Paying
    for Innovation" in Health Services Restructuring in Canada: New
    Evidence and New Directions, Charles Beach, Richard Chaykowski, Sam Shortt,
    France St.-Hilaire and Arthur Sweetman (eds.) McGill-Queen's University
    Press, 2006, 155-177.
  • Horbulyk, Theodore M.,
    "Liquid Gold: Water Markets in Canada," Chapter 10 in Karen J. Bakker,
    (editor) Eau Canada: The Future of Canada's Water, Vancouver, UBC Press
    (November 2006), 205-218.
  • Horbulyk, Theodore M., I. Marius Cutlac and Lixia He,
    "Integrated Modeling for River Basin Management: the Influence of Temporal and
    Spatial Scale in Economic Models of Water Allocation," Water Science &
    Technology 53(10): 55-63 (May 2006).
  • Kneebone, R.D.
    "The Feasibility of a 50% Saving Rule for
    Alberta", in Roger Gibbins and Robert Roach (editors), Seizing Today
    and Tomorrow: An Investment Strategy for Alberta's Future Calgary:
    Canada West Foundation, 2006.
  • Kneebone, R.D. "From Famine to
    Feast: The Evolution of Budgeting Rules in Alberta", Canadian Tax Foundation,
    Volume 54, No. 3, 2006.
  • Kneebone, R.D. "Big Ideas (?) for
    Municipal Finances in Alberta", IAPR Policy Brief No. 06003, September
  • Lu, Mingshan
    and Ching-to Albert Ma, "Financial
    Incentives and Gaming in Alcohol Treatment," Inquiry 43(1):
    34-53, 2006.
  • Lu, Mingshan ,
    Bing Li, Hude Quan and Adrew Fong, "
    Assessing record linkage between health care and Vital Statistics
    databases using deterministic methods," BioMed Central Health
    Services Research 6(48), 2006.
  • McKee, Michael, Mark Van Boening, Tanja
    Blackstone and Elisabet Rutstrom, "Benefit Packages and Individual Behavior:
    Choices Over Discrete Goods with Multiple Attributes," Managerial and
    Decision Economics, 2006, vol. 27, pp. 511-526.
  • McKee, Michael and David Bjornstad, "Making
    Enduring Choices: Uncertainty and Public Policy," Energy Economics,
    2006, vol. 28, pp 667-676.
  • McKee, Michael and Christian Vossler, "Induced Value Tests
    of Elicitation Mechanisms for Contingent Valuation Surveys," Environmental
    and Resource Economics, 2006, vol. 36, pp 137-168.
  • McKee, Michael, Ronald Cummings and Jorge Martinez-Vazquez,
    "Experimental Evidence on Mixing Modes of Income Tax Evasion," Public Finance
    Review, November 2006, vol. 34, pp. 687-711.
  • McKee, Michael, J. Talberth, R. Berrens and
    M. Jones, "Averting and Insurance Decisions in the Wildland Urban Interface:
    Implications of Survey and Experimental Data for Wildfire Risk Reduction
    Policy," Contemporary Economic Policy, 2006, 24(2), pp 203-223.
  • McKee, Michael, Meghan Starbuck and Robert
    Berrens, "Simulating Economic Impacts from Hazardous Fuels Treatment and Forest
    Restoration Management Activities," Forest Policy and Economics,
    2006, 8, pp 52-66.
  • McKenzie, K. J. (2006), "Income Taxes,
    Integration and Income Trusts", Canadian Tax Journal, Vol. 54, No. 3,
  • McKenzie, K. J. (2006), "Fiscal Federalism
    and the Taxation of Non-renewable Resources" in Perspectives on Fiscal
    Federalism, R. Bird and F. Vaillancourt eds., WBI Learning Resources Series,
    World Bank Institute.
  • McKenzie, K. J. (2006),
    "Giving with One Hand, Taking Away with the Other: Canada's Tax System and
    Research and Development", C.D. Howe Institute Commentary, No. 240, October.
  • Oxoby, R.J. and John Spraggon, "Mine and
    Yours: Property Rights in Dictator Games," Journal of Economic Behavior and
    Organization (forthcoming).
  • Oxoby, R.J. and John
    Spraggon, "The Effects of Recommended Play on Compliance with Ambient Pollution
    Instruments," Experimental Methods in Environmental Economics, T. Cherry,
    S. Kroll and J. Shogren (eds.), New York: Routledge.
  • Rowse, J.
    "On Hyperbolic Time Discounting in Exhaustible
    Resource Models: An Application to World Oil Resources," Natural Resource
    Modeling 19(2), 243-277, Summer 2006.
  • Rowse, J. "Measuring Bank
    Branch Efficiency Using Data Envelopment Analysis: Managerial and Implementation
    Issues," with Murray Howland, INFOR: Information Systems and Operational
    Research 44(1), 49-63, February 2006. (INFOR is the professional
    journal of the Canadian Operational Research Society.)
  • Serletis, A. and Akbar
    Shahmoradi. "Velocity and the Variability of Money
    Growth: Evidence from a VARMA, GARCH-M Model,"
    Macroeconomic Dynamics 10 (2006), 652-666.
  • Serletis, A.
    and Melvin J. Hinich,
    "Randomly Modulated Periodic Signals in Alberta's Electricity Market," Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics
    19(3) (2006), Article 5.
  • Serletis, A.
    and Akbar Shahmoradi,
    "Measuring and Testing Natural Gas and
    Electricity Markets Volatility: Evidence from Alberta's Deregulated Markets,"
    Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics 10(3) (2006), Article 10.
  • Serletis, A.
    and Jagat Jit Virk,
    "Monetary Aggregation, Inflation, and Welfare," Applied Financial Economics
    16 (2006), 499-512.
  • Serletis, A. and Asghar Shahmoradi,
    "Futures Trading and the Storage of North American Natural Gas,"
    OPEC Review (2006), 19-26.
  • Serletis, A.
    and Asghar Shahmoradi, "Returns and
    Volatility in the NYMEX Henry Hub Natural Gas Futures Market," OPEC
    Review 30 (2006), 171-186.
  • Serletis, A. and Guohua Feng,
    "Productivity Trends in the United Sates:
    Evidence from a Normalized Quadratic Variable Profit Function," Journal
    of Economic Studies 33 (2006), 320-335.
  • Serletis, A.,
    Money and the Economy (ed.). World Scientific
    (2006). This book has a Foreword by William A. Barnett.
  • Serletis, A., "Univariate Tests for Nonlinear
    Structure," with Catherine Kyrtsou. Journal of Macroeconomics, 28(2006),
  • Serletis, A., "Chaotic Monetary Dynamics with
    Confidence," with Mototsugu Shintani. Journal of Macroeconomics 28(2006),
  • Serletis, A., "Comment on 'Singularity
    Bifurcations,' by Yijun He and William A. Barnett," with Asghar Shahmoradi.
    Journal of Macroeconomics 28(2006), 23-26.
  • Serletis, A. and K. Pinno, "Corporate
    Financing in Canada," Journal of Economic Asymmetries 3 (2006),
  • Serletis, A. and J. Vaccaro, "Cross-Country
    Evidence on the Demand for Money," Economia Internazionale.
    59 (2006), 199-224.
  • Smulders, S.A. "Growth and the Environment:
    on U-curves without U-turns." In Carlos De Miguel, Xavier Labandeira and
    Baltaser Manzano (eds.) Economic Modeling of Climate Change and Energy
    Policies, Edward Elgar, 2006.

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