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of 2004 and Forthcoming Publications by Economics Faculty

  • Auld, M.C. and Grootendorst, P. 
    (2004) "An empirical
    analysis of milk addiction"
    , Journal of Health Economics
  • Auld, M.C., Krentz,
    H.,  and Gill, J. (2004)
    "The high cost of medical care for patients who present late (<200/mm3) with
    HIV infection"
    , HIV Medicine 5(2):93-98.
  • Boyce, J. R., "Instrument Choice
    in a Fishery," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management,
    January 2004, v. 47, iss. 1, pp. 183-206.
  • Bruce, C. J., "Assessment of
    Personal Injury Damages," (LexisNexis: Toronto) 2004, 358 pp.
  • Coe, P. J. and James M. Nasosn
    (2004) "Long-run Monetary Neutrality and Long Horizon Regressions",
    Journal of Applied Econometrics, 19(3) pp 355-373.
  • Coe, P. J. and J. C. Herbert
    Emery "The Dis-Integrating Canadian Labor Market?
    The Extent of the Market Then and Now" Canadian Journal of Economics,
    37(4), 879-897
  • Eaton, B. Curtis (with Jeremiah
    Allen), "Incomplete Information and Migration: The Grass is Greener
    Across the Higher Fence", Journal of Regional Science,
  • Eaton, B. Curtis "The Elementary
    Economics of Social Dilemmas", Canadian Journal of Economics,
    forthcoming November 2004.
  • Emery, J. C. Herbert and
    Patrick Coe (2004) "The Dis-Integrating Canadian Labour Market? The
    Extent of the market Then and Now," Canadian Journal of Economics.
  • Gordon, D. V., and A. Hatche, 2005, "Further Investigations into the
    Factors Affecting Compliance with UK Fishing Quotas", Land Economics,
  • Gordon, D. V.,
    Bjørndal, T.,
    Kaitala, V. and M. Lindroos.
    "International Management Strategies for a Migratory Fish Stock: A Bio-Economic
    Simulation Model of the Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring Fishery"
    Environmental and Resource Economics,
    29(4) (2004) 435-457.
  • Gordon, D. V.,
    Asche, F,
    and R. Hannesson
    "Tests for Market Integration and the Law of One Price: The Market for Whitefish
    in France" Marine Resource Economics, forthcoming.
  • Gordon, D. V., Gunsch, K., and C. V. Pawluk, "A
    Natural Monopoly in Natural Gas Transmission", Energy Economics,
  • Hollis, A.,
    A National Formulary for
    with Steve Law, Canadian Public Policy, 30(4): 445-452,
    December 2004.
  • Hollis, A.,
    cheap are Canada's drugs really?"
    , Journal of Pharmacy and
    Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2(2): 215-216, June 2004. Reprinted in
    Pharma Marketing News 3(8), September 2004.
  • Hollis, A., "Microcredit and Famine: The Irish Loan
    Funds during the Great Famine
    " (with Arthur Sweetman), World
    Development 32(9): 1509-1523, September 2004.
  • Hollis, A., and Lasheng Yuan,
    "Competition Policy in Open
    International Economic Journal 18(2): 179-194,
    June 2004.
  • Hollis, A.,
    and Aslam Anis,
    "RX for Canada: Close the Internet
    with Aslam Anis, C. D. Howe Commentary 205, October 2004.
  • Horbulyk, Theodore M., "Markets,
    Policy and the Allocation of Water Resources among Sectors: Constraints
    and Opportunities," Canadian Water Resources Journal (forthcoming,
  • Horbulyk,
    Theodore M. and Anasuya Chattopadhyay and, "Strategic
    Public Policy Toward Agricultural Biotechnology with Externalities in
    Developing Countries,"

    Journal of Agricultural & Food
    Industrial Organization:

    Vol. 2: No. 1, Article 6 (August 2004).

  • Kneebone, R. D., and J. Chung,
    "Where Did the Debt Come From?" in C. Ragan and W. Watson (editors),
    Is the Debt War Over? Institute for Research on Public Policy, 2004.
  • Kneebone, R. D., "Past, Current,
    and Future Fiscal Policy Issues in Canada" in A. Kohsaka (editor)
    Fiscal Deficits in the Pacific Region, (London: Routledge, 2004).
  • McKenzie, K. J.
    (2004), "Fiscal Federalism and
    the Taxation of Non-Renewable Resources", in Fiscal Federalism in Russia,
    F. Vaillancourt and R. Bird eds., World Bank Institute, New York, forthcoming.
  • McKenzie, K. J.
    (2004), "Business Tax Competition
    in Canadian Provinces" in Races to the Bottom/Top in Canada, Kathryn
    Harrison ed., UBC Press, forthcoming.
  • McKenzie, K. J. (2004), "If It Ain't Broke, You
    Ain't Trying Hard Enough" in Who Decides?, R. Bird ed., C.D. Howe
    Institute, Toronto,
  • Oxoby, R.,
    with Kendra N. McLeish,
    "Specific Decision and Strategy Vector Methods in Ultimatum Bargaining:
    Evidence on the Strength of Other-Regarding Behavior," 
    Economics Letters, 84(3): 399-405, 2004.
  • Oxoby, R.  "Status, Cognitive Dissonance and
    the Growth of the Underclass", Economic Journal,
    114(October): 729-749,
  • Oxoby, R.
    "Preferences" and "Strategy," forthcoming in
    The International Encyclopedia of Economic Sociology, Jens
    Beckert and Milan Zafirovski (eds.), New York: Routledge.
  • Oxoby, R. "Experiments and
    Behavioral Economics," forthcoming in Foundations and Extensions of
    Behavioral Economics: A Handbook, Morris Altman (editor), New York:
    M.E. Sharpe.
  • Oxoby, R. "Do Micro-Investors
    Help Complete Markets?"  forthcoming in Focus on Macroeconomic
    Research, Lawrence Z. Pelzer (editor), New York: Nova Science
  • Serletis, A.,
    "Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of Alberta's
    Deregulated Electricity Market," with Ioannis Andreadis. In Derek Bunn
    (ed.), Modelling Prices in Competitive Electricity Markets, Wiley
    Series in Financial Economics, (2004), pp.?-?. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
  • Serletis, A., "Microeconometrics
    and Measurement Matters: Some Results from Monetary Economics for
    Canada," with Ricardo Rangel-Ruiz. Journal of Macroeconomics.
  • Serletis, A., "The
    Welfare Cost of Inflation in Canada and the United States," with Kazem Yavari.
    Economics Letters. 84 (2004), 199-204.
  • Serletis, A., "Testing for Common Features
    in North American Energy Markets," with Ricardo Rangel-Ruiz. Energy
    Economics 26 (2004), 401-414.
  • Serletis, A., "Random
    Fractal Structures in North American Energy Markets," with Ioannis Andreadis.
    Energy Economics 26 (2004), 389-399.

  • Serletis, A.,
    "External and Domestic Growth Forces in the Performance of European Union
    Economies," with Panos Afxentiou and Kazem Yavari. Economia Internazionale.57
    (2004), 41-57.

  • W. D. Walls.  "Demand stochastics, supply
    adaptation, and the distribution of film earnings."  Forthcoming in Applied
  • Walls, W. D. "Revenues, Profitability, and Returns: Clinical Analysis
    of the Market for Mobster Movies." Forthcoming in International Journal of
    Business and Economics, 3(2), 2004.
  • Walls, W. D. and A. De
    Vany.  ``Motion picture profit, the stable Paretian hypothesis, and the curse
    of the superstar,''  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control,
    28(6):1035--1057, March 2004.
  • Walls, W. D. and F.
    Rusco. ``Independent film finance, pre-sale agreements, and the distribution
    of film earnings.''  In V. Ginsburgh, editor, Economics of Art and Culture:
    Invited Papers at the 12th International Conference of the Association for
    Cultural Economics International. Contributions to Economic Analysis No. 260,
    Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, pp. 19--32, 2004.
  • Walls, W. D. and F.
    Rusco. ``Regulatory failure in power markets: Price caps and artificial
    scarcity.''  In Energy, Environment and Economics in a New Era. Proceedings of
    the 24th IAEE North American Conference on CD-ROM, Washington D.C. International
    Association for Energy Economics, 10 pp., 2004.
  • Walls, W. D., P.
    Harvey and J. Swayze.  ``The revealed revenue effects of gambling taxation:
    Logit analysis of bettor behavior in a laboratory casino.''  Forthcoming in
    International Journal of Management.
  • Walls, W. D. and C.
    Woudsma. ``Forecasting freight transport demand in Alberta using dirty data
    and flawed models.'' with C. Woudsma. In Proceedings of the 39th Annual
    Meeting of the Canadian Transportation Research Forum. University of
    Saskatchewan Press, Volume 2, pp. 361--375, 2004.
  • Walls, W. D. and F.
    Rusco. ``Transit system performance and industrial economics: Learning from
    Hong Kong maxicabs and Philippine jeepneys.'' In K. C. Sinha, T.F. Fwa, R. L.
    Cheu and D. H. Lee, editors, Proceedings of the 8th International
    Conference on the Application of Advanced Technologies in Transportation
    Engineering. American Society of Civil Engineers Press, pp. 187--192, 2004
  • Walls, W. D. and F.
    Rusco. ``Driver Contracts, Market Institutions, and Transport Safety.''
    Forthcoming in Li Shengcai, editor, Progress in Safety Science and
    Technology.  Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Safety
    Science and Technology, Shanghai, China.   Beijing Institute of Technology
    Press, Volume IV, 2004.
  • Walls, W. D., F. Rusco,
    and J. Ludwigson.  ``Buying an option to build: Regulatory uncertainty and the
    development of new electric generation.''  In D. Williams, editor, IAEE
    Newsletter, International Association for Energy Economics, pp. 17--21,
    Spring 2004.

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