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of 2003 and Forthcoming Publications by Economics Faculty

  • Atkins, F. J., with Douglas Cooper and David Gillen,

    Measuring the Impact of Changes in Graduated Licensing Laws: The Case of
    , accepted for publication Accident Analysis and Prevention.
  • Atkins, F. J., and Apostolos Serletis "Bounds Tests of the
    Gibson Paradox and the Fisher Effect: Evidence from Low-Frequency
    International Data," forthcoming, 2003, The Manchester
  • Auld, M. C.,
    "Choices, Beliefs, and Infectious Disease Dynamics,'' Journal of
    Health Economics,
  • Boyce, John R. "Instrument Choice in a Fishery," Journal of
    Environmental Economics and Management (forthcoming).
  • Boyce, John R. "Exploration Can Cause Declining Non-Renewable
    Resource Prices," Energy Economics (forthcoming).
  • Church, J. R., "Specification Issues and Confidence Intervals in
    Unilateral Price Effects Analysis." (with O. Capps, Jr. and H.A. Love)
    Journal of Econometrics 113, 3-31, 2003.
  • Coe, Patrick and Herb Emery "The Disintegrating Canadian
    Labour Market? The Extent of the Market Then and Now" Canadian
    Journal of Economics, forthcoming
  • Coe, Patrick and James M. Nason "The Long
    Horizon Regression Approach to Monetary Neutrality: How Should the Evidence be
    Interpreted?" Economics Letters, 78, pp 351-356.
  • Currie, G.,
    C. Donaldson and Mingshan Lu
    "What does
    Canada profit from the for-profit debate in health care?"

    Canadian Public Policy
    29(2): 227-251.
  • Eaton, B. C., "The Evolution of Preferences and
    Competition: A Rationalization of Veblen's Theory of Invidious
    Comparisons" (with Mukesh Eswaran), Canadian Journal of Economics,
    forthcoming, November 2003.
  • Eaton, B. C., "Evolutionary
    Stability in the Investment-Opportunism-Retaliation Game
    " (with
    William Morrison), Journal of Bioeconomics, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2003,
    pp 27-45
  • Emery J.
    C. Herbert and Ronald D. Kneebone (2003) "Should Alberta and
    Saskatchewan Unite? Examining Proposals for Closer Co-operation - From
    Maintaining the Status Quo to Political Union," C. D. Howe Institute of
    Commentary No. 190, November.

  • Gordon, D. V., Asche, F., and R. Hannesson"Tests for
    Market Integration and the Law of One Price: The Market for Whitefish in France"
    Marine Resource Economics, forthcoming.
  • Gordon, D. V., Gunsch, K., and C. V. Pawluk, "A Natural Monopoly
    in Natural Gas Transmission", Energy Economics, (forthcoming).
  • Gordon, D. V.,
    Bjørndal, T., Kaitala, V.
    and M. Lindroos. "International Management Strategies for a Migratory Fish
    Stock: A Bio-Economic Simulation Model of the Norwegian Spring-Spawning Herring
    Fishery" Journal of Environmental and Resource Economics,
  • Hollis, Aidan, "The Anti-Competitive Effects of Brand-Controlled
    'Pseudo-Generics' in the Canadian Pharmaceutical Market", Canadian
    Public Policy, 29(1): 21-31, March 2003.
  • Hollis, Aidan, and Lasheng Yuan, "Competition Policy in
    Open Economies" International
    Economic Journal, forthcoming.
  • Hollis, Aidan, "Industrial Concentration, Output,
    and Trade: An Empirical Exploration," Review of Industrial
    Organization, 23(2): 103-119, March 2003.
  • Kneebone, R. D. "Past, Current,
    and Future Fiscal Policy Issues in Canada" in A. Kohsaka (editor)
    Fiscal Policy Issues in the Pacific Region, (London: Routledge,
    forthcoming, 2003).
  • Kneebone, R. D. and J.L. Chung
    "Where Did the Debt Come From?" in C. Ragan and W. Watson (editors),
    Is the Debt War Over? Institute for Research on Public Policy,
    forthcoming 2003.
  • Kneebone, R. D. and K. J. McKenzie (2003), "Removing
    the Shackles: Some Modest, and Some Immodest, Proposals to Pay for Cities in
    Alberta", Paying for Cities, P. Boothe ed.,
    Institute for Public Economics,
    University of Alberta.
  • Lu, Mingshan, and Ching-to Albert Ma, 2003 forthcoming
    "Consistency in Performance Evaluation Reports and Medical Records, Journal of
    Mental Health Policy and Economics.
  • Lu, Mingshan, Albert C. Ma, and Lasheng Yuan, 2003, "Risk
    Selection and Matching under Performance-Based Contracting, Health
    Economics. 12 (5) : 339-354.
  • Lu, Mingshan, and Lasheng Yuan, "Canadian Economics," in
    Chen Qien (ed.) Canadian Social Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social
    Sciences Press, Beijing (forthcoming).
  • Oxoby, R. "On Attitudes and
    Allocations: Status, Cognitive Dissonance and
    the Manipulation of Preferences. Journal of Economic Behavior and
    Organization (forthcoming).
  • Serletis, Apostolos with Periklis
    Gogas, "Long-Horizon Regression Tests of the Theory of Purchasing Power
    Parity," Journal of Banking and Finance 27 (2003).
  • Serletis, Apostolos with Frank J.
    Atkins, "Bounds Tests of the Gibson Paradox and the Fisher Effect:
    Evidence from Low-Frequency International Data", The Manchester
    School 71 (2003), 673-679.
  • Serletis, Apostolos with Periklis
    Gogas, "Revenue Smoothing in an ARIMA Framework: Evidence from the
    United States," in Claude Diebolt and Catherine Kyrtsou (eds.), New
    Trends in Macroeconomics (Springer Verlag).
  • Serletis, Apostolos with
    Asghar Shahmoradi, "Absence of Chaos and1/ƒ Spectra, But Evidence of TAR
    Nonlinearities in the Canadian Exchange Rate," Macroeconomic
  • Serletis, Apostolos
    with Mototsugu Shintani, "No Evidence of
    Chaos But Some Evidence of Dependence in the U. S. Stock Market,"
    Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 17 (2003), 449-454.
  • Serletis, A. and
    Ioannis Andreadis. "Evidence
    of a Random Multifractal Turbulent Structure in the Dow Jones
    Industrial Average", Chaos, Solitons & Fractals,
  • Serletis, A.
    Financial Markets and Institutions,
    with Frederic S. Mishkin and Stanley G. Eakins. Addison Wesley Longman
  • Walls, W. David. "Empirical
    Analysis meets Film Studies: A Review of John Sedgwick's Popular
    Filmgoing in 1930s Britain: A Choice of Pleasures," forthcoming in
    Journal of Cultural Economics
  • Walls, W. David and Arthur De
    Vany, "Motion picture profit, the stable Paretian hypothesis, and the
    curse of the superstar," Forthcoming in Journal of Economic Dynamics
    & Control.
  • Walls, W. David, with Kelly
    Busche, "Breakage, turnover, and betting market efficiency: New evidence
    from Japanese horse tracks," In Leighton Vaughan Williams, editor,
    The Economics of Gambling. Routledge, London, chapter 6, pages
    43-66, 2003.
  • Walls, W. David, with Frank Rusco,
    "Independent film finance, pre-production agreements, and the
    distribution of earnings," Forthcoming in Victor Ginsburgh, editor,
    Economics of the Arts and Culture.
    Elsevier Science, Amsterdam.
  • Walls, W. David, with Kelly
    Busche, "Broken odds and the favourite-longshot bias in parimutuel
    betting: A direct test," Forthcoming in Applied Economics Letters.
  • Walls, W. David, with Patrick
    Harvey, "The revealed demand for pirate goods: Probit analysis of
    experimental data," Forthcoming in International Journal of
  • Walls, W. David, with Howard J.
    Gensler. "On the specification of regional dummy variables: An
    application of non-nested hypothesis testing." Forthcoming in R. Burrus
    and E. Graham, editors, Academy of Economics and Finance Papers &
    Proceedings, 2003.
  • Walls, W. David, editor.
    Regional Transmission Organizations: Restructuring Electricity
    Transmission in Canada. Calgary: The Van Horne Institute,
    forthcoming 2003.
  • Wen, J. F., with T. Snodden,
    "Grants Structure and the Intergovernmental Fiscal Game," Economics
    of Governance, (2003) 4, 115-126.
  • Wilman, E. A., with D. M. Mulholland, "Bioprospecting
    and Biodiversity Contracts," Environment and
    Development Economics, Vol. 8, 2003, 417-425.
  • Yuan, L., with Guofu Tan,
    "Strategic Incentives of Divestiture of Competing Conglomerates,"
    International Journal of Industrial Organization 21(2003) p.
  • Yuan, L., "The Widespread Failure
    of Production Unitization in US Oil Fields: A Strategic Explanation,
    Energy Studies Review (forthcoming).

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