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of 2000 publications by Economics faculty

  • Adam,
    J., "Income Inequalities and Poverty in the USA," Politicka
    Ekonomie (forthcoming).
  • Afxentiou,
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    Saving-Investment Relation", Economia Internazionale, Vol.
    53(1), February 2000, 1-14.
  • Afxentiou, P.C.
    and A. Serletis. "Redistribution and Stabilization
    Functions of the Canadian Federal Government, Rivista
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    March 2000, 129-144.
  • Afxentiou, P.C.
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    Economic Benefits", International Review of Economics and
    Business, RISEC, Vol. 47, 2000, No.4, 524-540.
  • Afxentiou, P.C.
    and A. Serletis. "Convergence, the Maastricht
    Criteria and their Benefits", Economia Internazionale,
    Vol. 53(4), November 2000, 437-448. A different version of the paper
    was published in the Brown Journal of World Affairs, Vol. 7(1),
    2000, pp. 245-54.
  • Beaulieu, Eugene,
    "The Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement and Labour
    Market Adjustment in Canada," Canadian Journal of Economics. Vol. 33, No. 2 (May, 2000): pp. 540-64.
  • Beaulieu, Eugene and
    Annette Hester, "Trade Agreements in the Americas: Regionalism Converging to Globalization",
    The Estey Centre Journal of International Law and Trade Policy. Vol 1 No. 2, Fall 2000. pp 108-136.
  • Benarroch, M., and
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    Transfer and Learning," International Journal of Development
    Planning Literature, 15 (2, April-June 2000) 121-134.
  • Boyce, John R. , "The Efficiency of ITQs in the Presence of Congestion
    Externalities: Reply to Danielsson," Marine Resource Economics (Summer 2000).
  • Boyce, John R., "Interest Group Competition over Policy Outcomes:
    Dynamics, Strategic Behavior, and Social Costs," Public Choice, 102
    (March 2000), 313-39.
  • Bruce,
    Christopher, "Employee Takeovers: Contracting Out at Parks
    Canada;" in Terry L. Anderson and Alexander James, eds. The
    Politics and Economics of Park Management (Rowan &
    Littlefield: Lanham, Maryland), December 2000.
  • Church, J.R. and Neil
    Gandal. "Systems Competition, Vertical Merger, and
    Foreclosure." Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 9, 25-52,
  • Emery, J.C.H and K.J. McKenzie (2000), "Checking Out of the Hotel
    California: The Desirability of an Alberta Pension Plan", in Assessing an
    Independent Alberta Pension Plan, P. Boothe, ed., Institute For Public
    Economics, University of Alberta Press, forthcoming.
  • Gaisford, J.D., and
    C. Lau, "The Case For and Against Import Embargoes on Products of
    Biotechnology," Estey Journal of International Law and Trade
    Policy, 1 (1, Spring 2000) 83-98.
  • Horbulyk, Theodore
    M. "Strategy and Incentives in the Compulsory Licensing of Intellectual Property in Agriculture," Chapter
    18 in William H. Lesser (editor) Transitions in Agbiotech: Economics of Strategy and Policy. Proceedings of NE-165
    Conference, June 24-25, 1999, Washington, D.C. Storrs, CT: University of Connecticut, Food
    Marketing Policy Center and Amherst, MA: Department of Resource Economics, 339-358 (2000).
  • Kneebone, R.D. and K.J. McKenzie (2000), "Electoral and Partisan Cycles in
    Fiscal Policy: An Examination of Canadian Provinces", International Tax and
    Public Finance, forthcoming.
  • Kneebone, R.D. and K.J. McKenzie
    (2000), "A Case of Institutional Endogeneity? A Study of the Budgetary Reforms of the Government of Alberta,
    Canada", in Institutions, Politics and Fiscal Policy, R. Strach and J. von
    Hagen eds., Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York.
  • Lu,
    Mingshan, and Cam Donaldson (2000). "Performance-Based
    Contracts and Provider Efficiency: The State of the Art, invited leading
    article, Disease
    Management and Health Outcomes 7(3): 127-137
  • McKenzie, K.J. (2000), "Provincial Tax Priorities in a Global, and National
    Economy: What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander", Canadian Tax
    Journal, forthcoming.
  • McKenzie, K.J. (2000), "Inflation Indexing of Capital Gains Taxes: An
    Examination of the Economic Implications", Tax Forum, Spring, 4-11.
  • Mitton
    C, Donaldson C, Dean S, and West B (2000). "Program Budgeting and Marginal Analysis:
    a Priority Setting Framework for Canadian Regional Health
    Authorities". Healthcare Management Forum 2000;
  • Moodley, R. D., Kerr, W. A. and
    D. V. Gordon. "Has the Canada - US Trade Agreement
    Fostered Price Integration?" Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv,
    Band 136 Heft 2(2000) 334-354.
  • Plunkett, M.D., and
    J.D. Gaisford, "Limiting Biotechnology:
    Information Problems and Policy
    Responses," Current Agriculture, Food and Resource Issues, Number
    1, (2000) 21-28.
  • Rowse, J. "Does a
    Renewable Natural Resource Usually Have Many Near-Optimal Allocation
    Paths?" Natural Resource Modeling 13(4),
    503-533, Winter 2000.
  • Serletis, A. and P.C. Afxentiou (2000).
    Output Growth and the Variability of Exports and Imports Growth:
    International Evidence from Granger Causality Tests. Developing
    Economies 38, 141-163.
  • Thomas R,
    Donaldson C, Torgerson D. Who
    answers willingness to pay questions?
    Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 2000; 5:7-11.
  • Vale L,
    Donaldson C, Daly C, Campbell M, Cody J, Grant A, Khan I, Lawrence P,
    Wallace S, MacLeod A. Evidence-based
    medicine and health economics: A case study of end-stage renal disease. Health Economics 2000; 9:337-351.
  • Walls, W.D. "Measuring
    and managing uncertainty with an application to the Hong Kong movie
    business.'' International Journal of Management, 17(1):118--127,
    March 2000.
  • Walls, W.D. with
    K. Busche. "Probability and utility estimates for Asian horse
    track gamblers,'' forthcoming in Singapore Economic Review,
    45(1), April 2000.
  • Walls, W.D. with
    K. Busche. "Decision costs and betting market efficiency''. Rationality
    and Society, 12(4):477--492, November 2000.
  • Wen, Jean-François (2000).
    Evolutionary and Dynamic Stability in Symmetric Evolutionary Games with
    Two Independent Decisions, with R. Cressman and A. Gaunersdorfer, International
    Game Theory Review, Vol. 2, No. 1 (March 2000).
  • Wen, Jean-François (2000).
    Taxing Hydroelectric Rents in Ontario, with D. Gillen, Canadian
    Public Policy, Vol. 26, No. 1 (March 2000).

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