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of 1998 publications by Economics faculty

  • Afxentiou, P.C., "The European
    Union Before and After the Euro: An Assessment of the Maastricht
    Convergence Criteria", Economia Internazionale, Vol. 51(1),
    1998, 1-14.
  • Afxentiou, P.C. and A. Serletis.
    "Convergence Across Canadian Provinces", Canadian Journal of
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  • Afxentiou, P.C. and A. Serletis.
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  • Boyce, John R. (1998).
    "Rent-Seeking in Natural Resource Quota Allocations," Public
    Choice, 96: 271-94, September 1998.
  • Church, J.R.
    and R. Ware (1998) "Abuse of Dominance under the 1986 Competition
    Act", Review of Industrial Organization 13, 85-129.
  • Church, J.R.
    and R. Ware (1998) "Network Industries, Intellectual Property Rights
    and Competition Policy", in R. Anderson and N. Gallini ed Competition
    Policy and Intellectual Property Rights in the Knowledge-Based Economy,
    University of Calgary Press: Calgary, 227-285.
  • Donaldson C
    (1998) Economic evaluation in dentistry: an ethical imperative? Dental
    Update, 25: 260-264.
  • Donaldson C
    (1998) Economic evaluation: an ethical imperative? Inflammatory Bowel
    Diseases, 4: 40-44.
  • Donaldson C
    (1998) The (near) equivalence of cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit
    analysis: fact or fallacy. Pharmaco-Economics, 13: 389-396.
  • Donaldson C
    (1998) Why a National Health Service? The Economic Rationale.
    Institute for Public Policy Research, London.
  • Donaldson C,
    Hundley V and Mapp T (1998) Willingness to pay: a method for measuring
    preferences for maternity care? Birth, 25: 33-40.
  • Donaldson C,
    Jones A, Mapp T and Olsen JA (1998) Using limited dependent variables to
    analyse willingness to pay data. Applied Economics, 30:667-677.
  • Eaton, C.
    (March 1998) "Endogenous Cartel Formation" (with Mukesh Eswaran),
    Australian Economic Papers, pp. 1-13.
  • Gibb S, Donaldson C
    and Henshaw R (1998) Assessing strength of preference for abortion method
    using willingness to pay. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 27: 30-36.
  • Hollis, A and
    A. Sweetman (1998) "Microcredit in Pre­Famine Ireland." Explorations
    in Economic History, 35: 347-380, October 1998.
  • Hollis, Aidan
    and Arthur Sweetman (1998) "Microcredit: What can we learn from the
    past?". World Development 26(10): 1875-1891,
    October 1998.
  • Horbulyk, Theodore
    M. and Lynda
    J. Lo. (October 1998). "Welfare Gains from Potential Water
    Markets in Alberta, Canada," in K. William Easter, Mark W. Rosegrant
    and Ariel Dinar, (eds.) Markets for Water: Potential and Performance.
    Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic, 241-257.
  • Kneebone, R.D. (1998) "Four
    Decades of Deficits and Debt" in P. Fortin and L. Osberg (eds) Hard
    Money, Hard Times, Lorimer & Co., Toronto.
  • Kneebone, R.D. and K.J. McKenzie
    (1998), "The Stabilizing Features of Fiscal Policy in Canada",
    in Fiscal Targets and Economic Growth, T. Courchene and T. Wilson
    eds., John Deutsch Institute for the Study of Economic Policy and the
    Institute for Policy Analysis, Roundtable Series, 12, 191-235.
  • Kneebone, R.D. and K.J. McKenzie
    (1998), "The Implications of Fiscal Targets for Automatic
    Stabilization", Policy Options 19 (1).
  • Langlois N and Donaldson
    C (1998) Application of the principle of marginal analysis to sampling
    practice using prostatic chippings as a model. Journal of Clinical
    Pathology, 51: 104-107.
  • McKenzie, K.J, M. Mansour and A. Brulé
    (1998), "The Calculation of Marginal Effective Tax Rates",
    Technical Committee on Business Taxation Working Paper 97-15.
  • McLeod A, Grant A, Donaldson
    C et al. (1998) Effectiveness and efficiency of methods of dialysis
    therapy for end stage renal disease:systematic reviews. Health
    Technology Assessment, Vol 2, No 5.
  • Olsen J-A and Donaldson
    C (1998) Helicopters, hearts and hips: using willingness to pay to set
    priorities for public sector health care programmes. Social Science and
    Medicine, 46: 1-12.
  • Overton, A.A. and A.
    J. MacFadyen (1998). "Time Discounting and the Estimation of Loan
    Duration", Journal of Economic Psychology, 19, p. 607-618.
  • Rowse,
    J.G. (1998).
    "Forest Harvesting to Optimize Timber Production and Water
    Runoff," with Calum Center, Socio-Economic Planning Sciences: The
    International Journal of Public Sector Decision Making 32 (4),
    277-293, December 1998.
  • Rowse,
    J.G. and C. J. Center (1998). "Forest Harvesting to Optimize
    Timber Production and Water Runoff", Socio-Economic Planning
    Sciences: The International Journal of Public Sector Decision-Making, 32,
  • Scott
    A and Donaldson C (1998) Economics and needs assessment: a
    framework for priority setting. In Wright J (ed) Health Needs
    Assessment. BMJ Books, London.
  • Scott
    A, Currie and Donaldson C (1998) Evaluating innovation in general
    practice: a pragmatic framework using programme budgeting and marginal
    analysis. Family Practice, 15: 216-222.
  • Serletis, A. and Todd
    Kemp (1998). The Cyclical Behavior of Monthly NYMEX Energy Prices.
    Energy Economics 20, 265-271.

  • Serletis, A. and Zisimos
    Koustas (1998). International Evidence on the Neutrality of
    Money, .
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 30, 1-25.

  • Serletis, A., Andreas Andrikopoulos and Kyprianos
    Prodromidis (1998). Electoral and Partisan Cycle Regularities: A Cointegration
    Journal of Policy Modeling 20, 119-140.

  • Serletis, A., Douglas Fisher and Adrian
    Fleissig (1998). Monetary Aggregation, Rational Expectations, and the Demand for Money in the United
    North American Journal of Economics and Finance 9, 1-13.

  • Wen,
    (1998). On the Evolutionary Dynamics of Crime, with R. Cressman and
    W.B. Morrison, Canadian Journal of Economics, Vol. 31, no. 5,
    November 1998.
  • Wen, Jean-François (1998).
    Capital Taxation, Political Instability, and Growth, with M.B. Devereux, European
    Economic Review, Vol. 42, no. 9, November 1998.
  • Wen, Jean-François (1998). Tax
    Reforms in a Monetary Economy, with D.R.F. Love, Journal of
    Macroeconomics, vol. 20, no. 2, Summer 1998.
  • Wilman,
    E.A. (1998).
    Joint Implementation Agreements and Principal Agent Contracts. in Designing
    Institutions for Environmental and Resource Management. E.T. Loehman
    and D.M. Kilgour (editors) Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd., pp. 250-263, 1998.
  • Wilman,
    E.A. and R.D.
    Burch (1998). Traditional and Modern Institutions and the Commons. in Traditional
    and Modern Approaches to the Environment on the Pacific Rim: Tensions and
    Values Harold Coward, editor, SUNY Press.

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