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of 1996 publications by Economics faculty

  • Adamowicz W.L., and T.M. Horbulyk (1996).
    "The Role of Economic Instruments to Resolve Water Quantity
    Problems." Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics. 44(4):
  • Afxentiou, P.C. and
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    Middle-Income Developing Countries", Social and Economic Studies,
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  • Afxentiou, P.C. and
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    Developing Countries: An Empirical Study Using Long-Term Cross-Country
    Data," The Journal of Developing Areas, 31, Fall 1996, pp.
  • Afxentiou, P.C. and
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    European Union", Economic Notes, Vol. 26 (1), 1997, 11-34.
  • Afxentiou, P.C. and
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    Deficits", International Review of Economics and Business,
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  • Boyce, J.R.,
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    of Environmental Economics and Management, 31 (November 1996):
  • G. E. Goering and J.R.
    Boyce, "Taxation and Market Power When Products Are
    Durable," Journal of Regulatory Economics, 9 (January 1996):
  • R. C. Layman, J.R.
    Boyce, and K. R. Criddle, "Economic Valuation of the Chinook
    Salmon Sport Fishery of the Gulkana River, Alaska, under Current and
    Alternate Management Plans," Land Economics, 72 (February 1996):
  • Church, J.R. and N. Gandal (1996) "Strategic Entry
    Deterrence: Complementary Products as Installed Base", European
    Journal of Political Economy 12, 331­354.
  • Church, J.R. and R. Ware (1996) "Delegation, Market
    Share and the Limit Price in Sequential Entry Models", International
    Journal of Industrial Organization 14, 575­609.
  • Eaton, C. (1996) "Drift and Selective Imitation"
    (with Jasmina Arifovic and William G. Morrison), Evolutionary
    Programming V: Proceedings of the Fifth Annual Conference on Evolutionary
    Programming, (eds. L. J. Fogel, P. J. Angeline, and T. Bach), MIT
    Press, pp. 37-44.
  • Emery, J.C. H. (1996) "Risky Business? Nonactuarial
    Pricing Practices and the Financial Viability of Fraternal Sickness
    Insurers", Explorations in Economic History 33, 195.
  • Emery, J.C. H. and Kenneth J. McKenzie (1996)
    "Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't: An Option Value Approach to
    Evaluating the Subsidy of the CPR Mainline", Canadian Journal of
    Economics XXIX, 255.
  • Emery, J.C.H. (1996) "Designing
    the Emperor's New Clothes: Fuller Funding and the Sustainability of the
    Canada Pension Plan", Canadian Business Economics 4 (4), 48.
  • Gaisford, J.D. and M. E. Whitney. (1996) "Economic
    Espionage as a form of Strategic Trade Policy", Canadian Journal
    of Economics 29 (Special Issue, April) S627­S632.
  • Gaisford, J.D. and R. S. Richardson. (1996) "North-South
    Disputes over the Protection of Intellectual Property", Canadian
    Journal of Economics 29 (Special Issue, April) S376­S381.
  • Gaisford, J.D. and S. Sood. (1996) "Are Prohibitive Trade
    Sanctions Optimal?" International Economic Journal 10 (1,
    Spring), 1­20.
  • Gordon, D.V. and R. Hannesson (1996). "On the Price of
    Fresh and Frozen Cod Fish in US and European Markets," Marine
    Resource Economics, 11, 223­238.
  • Gordon, D.V. and T. Hazledine. (1996) Modelling Farm­Retail
    Price Linkage for Eight Agricultural commodities, Research Report,
    Agriculture Canada, 57 pages.
  • Gordon, D.V., and G.R. Munro (1996) "Fisheries and
    Uncertainty: A Precautionary Approach to Resource Management,"
    The University of Calgary Press, Calgary, 1996, 195pp.
  • Kerr, W.A. and T. Nezic. (1996) "A Market and
    Community Development in West Africa". Community Development
    Journal 31 No. 1: 1­12.
  • Kneebone, R.D. and K.J. McKenzie
    (1996) "Alberta's Deficit Elimination Program: Lessons for
    Others", Policy Options 17 (10), 43­45.
  • Lu, Mingshan (1996). "Taiwan's Experience on
    Hospital Privatization: Empirical Evidence," in Taiwan Experience
    and Development Strategy of Both Sides of the Strait, China Economics
    Press, Beijing, pp. 346-359.
  • MacFadyen, A.J.,
    Heather MacFadyen and Nancy J. Prince. (1996) "Economic stress and
    psychological well­being: An economic psychology framework", Journal
    of Economic Psychology 17, 291­311.
  • Mansell, R.L., H. Schaefer and R.
    Feick. (1996) Report to the Provincial Treasurer. Edmonton: Government of
  • McKenzie, K.J., V. M. Jog, and G. J.
    Lenjosek. (1996) "Flowthrough Shares: Premiums, Sharing and Cost
    Effectiveness" Canadian Tax Journal 44 (4), 1016­1051
  • McRae, R.N. (1996). Forecast of Energy Consumption in
    Malaysia, International and Development Studies, John Deutsch Institute
    for the Study of Economic Policy, Queens University, pp. 39­69.
  • Serletis A., and P.C. Afxentiou
    (1996). "Government Expenditures in the European Union: Do They
    Converge or Follow Wagners Law?" International Economic Journal
    10: 33­47.
  • Serletis, A.,
    and P. Dormaar. (1996) "Testing for Deterministic Nonlinear
    Dependence in the Australian Dollar ­ U.S. Dollar Exchange Rate
    Series". Applied Economics Letters 3 267­269.
  • Serletis, A. and P.C. Afxentiou (1996). "The
    GNP­Indebtedness Relationship in Developing Countries". Rivista
    Internazionale di Scienze Economiche e Commerciali 43: 175­190.
  • Serletis, A., and M. Sondergaard. (1996) "Permanent and
    Temporary Components of Canadian Stock Prices". Applied Financial
    Economics 6: 259­269.
  • Wen, Jean-François (1996). Are
    Tax Incentives Biased Against Small Firms in Thailand?, with R. Boadway
    and F. Flatters, Journal of Developing Areas, Vol. 31, no. 1, Fall
  • Wilman, E.A. (1996) "Pests: Sustained Harvest versus
    Eradication", Journal of Environmental Management 46: 139­47.

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