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Publications - 2019


Black swan models for the entertainment industry with an application to the movie business

Walls, W. D. and Mckenzie, Slurms

Business Tax Reform in the U.S. and Canada

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Smart, Michael

Competition and Innovation: A Structural Model using the Pharmaceutical Market

Moradpour Taleshi, Javad

Contestability in the Digital Music Player Market

Dai, Wei and Yu, Kam

Language Skill Acquisition in Immigrant Social Networks: Evidence from Australia

Laliberté, Jean-William

Market Redirection Leakage in the Palm Oil Market

Wilman, Elizabeth Anne

Optimal Cost-Effectiveness Threshold for Public Health Insurance

Moradpour Taleshi, Javad and Hollis, Aidan

Patient income and health innovation

Moradpour Taleshi, Javad and Hollis, Aidan

Tax Policy Next to an Elephant: Business Tax Reform in the Wake of the U.S. Tax Cut and Jobs Act, C.D. Howe Institute Research Paper 557

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Smart, Michael

Tax Subsidies for R&D in Canada, 1981-2016

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Crisan, Daria

Trade, Migration and Productivity: A Quantitative Analysis of China

Tombe, Trevor and Zhu, Xiaodong

What sets college thrivers and divers apart? A contrast in study habits, attitudes, and mental health

Beattie, Graham, Laliberté, Jean-William, Michaud-Leclerc, Catherine and Oreopoulos, Philip

Who Pays the Corporate Tax? Insights from the Literature and Evidence from Canadian Provinces

McKenzie, Kenneth James and Ferede, Ergete in Dahlby, Bev Reforming the Corporate Tax in a Changing World
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