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M. Scott Taylor

  • Tier l CRC-Int Energy/Env Econ
  • Professor

New and Forthcoming Work

Trade and the Environment: New Methods, Measurements, and Results (with B. Copeland and J. Cherniwchan), forthcoming in Annual Reviews, 2017.

An Energy-centric Theory of Agglomeration (with Juan Moreno-Cruz) forthcoming in the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2017.

Online Appendix for Energy Centric Theory of Agglomeration

Pollution and Trade in a Small Open Melitz Economy (with B. Copeland) coming soon!

Environmental and Resource Economics: A Canadian Retrospective (with Brian Copeland)

prepared for the Canadian Journal of Economics

About Scott Taylor

M. Scott Taylor is the Canada Research Chair in International, Energy and Environmental Economics at the University of Calgary, Alberta. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) in both the International Trade and Investment, and Energy and Environmental Economics working groups and a fellow of the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics. In addition, he is a CESifo associate and a research professor at the Ifo Institute, Germany. In 2014, Scott Taylor has been named fellow to the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), the highest honour that can be attained by scholars, artists and scientists in Canada.

Taylor is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of International Economics. Previously, he was a Co-Editor (1999-2000) and a member of Editorial Council of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (2000-2005), and served on the Editorial Boards of the American Economic Review (1999-2005) and the Journal of Economic Literature (2006-2010). Prior to his current position, Taylor was a Full Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1998-2004), and an Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of British Columbia (1992-1998). He has also been a Visiting Scholar in the Princeton Department of Economics (1991, 2003), and a Killam Postdoctoral Fellow at the Sauder Business School at the University of British Columbia (1991). From 1995 to 1998 he was a Scholar in the Economic Growth Program of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research. In 2004, Professor Taylor's book International Trade and the Environment: Theory and Evidence (joint with Brian Copeland) won the Doug Purvis Prize for its outstanding contribution to Canadian Economic Policy. In 2010, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Basel, Switzerland for his pioneering work on trade, the environment, and renewable resources.

Professor Taylor's research focuses on the interaction of international markets, economic growth, and environmental outcomes. His most influential works examine how the level of pollution concentrations in major cities is affected by changes in industrial production brought about by international trade and/or economic growth. Other important work connects the health of biological resources such as fish and forest stocks to the pressures brought about by globalization. He has investigated the role natural resource collapses have played in the rise and fall of prehistoric societies, how growth and trade jointly determine environmental outcomes, and how access to international markets affects research, development, and long run growth. A marked feature of his research is the use of novel methods allowing him to confront testable hypothesis with empirical evidence. 

Professor Taylor's publications have appeared in the American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economic Studies, International Economic Review, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Canadian Journal of Economics, and Resource and Energy Economics.   




February 28, 2017: Public and Environmental Economics Workshop, Stanford University, USA.

March 31, 2017: Seminar, Ohio State University, USA.



November 22, 2016: Economics Seminar, Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

April 25-29, 2016: Basel Seminar, University of Basel, Switzerland.

April 11, 2016: Department of Economics, Iowa State University, US.


October 23, 2015: Back to the Future of Green Powered Economies, BUEC Seminar, University of Alberta, Canada.

June 24-27,2015: 21st Annual EAERE Conference, Helsinki, Finland

June 3, 2015: The Beginning of the End of the Fossil Fuel Era? Keynote Address, AERE Summer Conference, San Diego.

April 28, 2015: The Beginning of the End of the Fossil Fuel Era? Public Lecture, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland. Photos of the event can be found here.

April 22, 2015: Food, Fuel and the Spatial Economy, The Graduate Institute Geneva, Switzerland.

April 18 - May 2, 2015: Lectures in Trade, Growth and the Environment, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland. 

March 13, 2015: Back to the Future of Green Powered Economies, The Bank of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico.


December 15-17, 2014: Delhi Lectures: Something old and Something New, New Delhi School of Economics, India.

      Lecture 1: International Trade and Renewable Resource Use

      Lecture 2: Energy and the Location of Economic Activity

December 9, 2014: Back to the Future of Green Powered Economies, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.

November 12, 2014: Are Trapped Resources so Bad for Economic Growth, Community Engagement Lecture, Boardwalk REIT, Calgary, Canada.

October 15, 2014: Buffalo Hunt: International Trade and the Virtual Extinction of the North American Bison, Community Engagement Lecture, Husky Energy's Annual Fall Meeting, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

September 10-16, 2013: The Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics Board Meetings, Stockholm, Sweden.

April 9, 2014: ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.

April 2, 2014:  The Center for International Environmental Studies, Geneva, Switzerland.

January 23-24, 2014: NBER EEE Meeting, Stanford, California, United States.


November 5, 2013: Timlin Lecture, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada.

September 27, 2013: Environment Canada Network Research Symposium, Ottawa, Canada. 

September 20, 2013: Inaugural Conference, Vancouver School of Economics, Vancouver, Canada.

June 26-29, 2013: EAERE 20th Annual Conference, Toulouse, France.

June 20-21, 2013: Can Green Power Save Us From Climate Change?, Annual Swiss Economic Meetings, Neuchatel, Switzerland.

June 6-8, 2013: The 3rd Annual AERE Summer Conference, Banff, Canada.

April 26, 2013: Department Seminar at CERGE-EI, Prague, Czech Republic.

April 13-28, 2013: University of Basel, Switzerland.

March 26, 2013: Spatial Management of Biodiversity Workshop, The Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France.

March 11, 2013:  Tutorial, The Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France.

Jan-Feb 2013: The Energy Institute at Haas, UC Berkeley, United States.

January 2013: University of California, Irvine, United States. 

January 2013: University of Arizona, United States.


December 16-21, 2012: New Delhi, India.

December 4, 2012: University of Toronto, Canada.

November 23, 2012: Trade and Environment Conference, CEPREMAP, Paris, France.

November 21, 2012: London School of Economics, London, U.K.

November 14, 2012: Yale University, United States.

Novermber 2-3, 2012: University of Winnipeg, Canada.

Oct 10-16, 2012: Heidelberg, Germany.

October 2013: ZEW, Mannheim, Germany.

Sept 6-11, 2012: Beijer Institute Stockholm, Sweden.

August 31, 2012: University of British Columbia, Canada.

July 7-14, 2012: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.

July 2-6, 2012: Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia.

May 10, 2012: University of Bologna, Italy. 

May 4, 2012: CREI, Barcelona, Spain. 

May 3, 2012: Paris School of Economics, France. 

April 17, 2012: LMU, Munich, Germany.

April 15-25, 2012: CES Munich, Germany.

April 4-6, 2012: University of California, Davis.

March 12, 2012: University of California San Diego, United States.

Working Papers

#2016-46 - Trade and the Environment: New Methods, Measurements, and Results NBER Working Paper No. 22636
By Taylor, M. Scott
View abstractView this paper on RePEcDownload Paper

#2014-71 - International Trade and the Environment: A Framework for Analysis
By Taylor, M. Scott and Brian R. Copeland
View abstractView this paper on RePEcDownload Paper

#2014-70 - The Kindergarten Rule of Sustainable Growth
By Taylor, M. Scott and William A. Brock
View abstractView this paper on RePEcDownload Paper

#2014-69 - Back to the Future of Green Powered Economies
By Taylor, M. Scott and Juan Moreno Cruz
View abstractView this paper on RePEcDownload Paper

#2014-68 - A Spatial Approach to Energy Economics
By Taylor, M. Scott and Juan Moreno Cruz
View abstractView this paper on RePEcDownload Paper


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