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Submitted by gurmika.mann on Fri, 11/09/2018 - 3:24pm

James D. Gaisford Research Prize

A committee, chaired by the Head of the Research Activities Committee, will adjudicate the Second Year Research Papers, and award the best Second Year Research Paper by a PhD student with $500. (Note: all second year students must present their papers to the department before the prize is awarded)

Award recipients

2019 Arthur Novaes de Amorim
2018 Dennis Nsafoah

Excellence in Dissertation Research Award

(Department Recommended Award)
Previously known as the Anton and Dalgarno Memorial Post-Candidacy Research Award in honor of Dr. Frank Anton, who was appointed the first Department Head of Economics at the University of Calgary in 1967. As a leader and mentor, Frank’s wisdom and integrity were instrumental in building the Economics Department. “Jock” Dalgarno immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1924 where he settled in the Mossleigh district of Alberta and farmed until 1972. Jock loved the prairies and came to appreciate the importance of understanding economics in successful farming. This scholarship honours Dr. Frank Anton and Jock Dalgarno. To borrow from poetry: “He does not die who can bequeath some influence to the land he loves.”

Open to students registered full-time in a thesis-based graduate program in the Department of Economics. Students conducting research in agricultural economics will be considered first for this scholarship.

Award recipients

2019 Mokhtar Tabari
2018 Safoura Moeeni

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