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What do economists do?

A day in the life

Economists ask, investigate, and answer important and interesting questions using the economist's toolkit.

What does this look like? At the heart of their job, they:

    • Use economic theory to determine effects.
    • Collect, analyze and interpret data.
    • Test and advise on government policies and corporate strategy.
    • Evaluate past and present issues and forecast future trends.
    • Communicate their discoveries to many different stakeholders and decision makers, including senior management, government, the public, and the press.

Industries and fields

Versatile and creative, economists work in many different fields, like:

    • Public finance
    • Regulation, competition policy, and strategy
    • International trade and development
    • Environmental economics
    • Health economics
    • Resource and energy economics
    • Behavioural and experimental economics
    • Managerial economics
    • Monetary and fiscal policy

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