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Submitted by Erin Booker on Fri, 08/17/2018 - 3:48pm

The class I want is full — is there something you can do?

Unfortunately, we can't overload our courses — if your class doesn't have a waiting list or the waiting list is full, keep checking to see if a spot opens up.

It can be stressful to see that a class you want is full, but there's typically a fair amount of registration movement at the start of term. Keep checking back, and it's a good idea to attend all of the classes you are hoping to take during the first week of term until your registration is finalized so you don't fall behind in case you are able to register. 


Remember — 

There's always about a week between the start of classes and the last days to add and drop classes — check out the schedule in the academic calendar to find out when those dates are.

There's a course I'm interested in but it's not listed on the schedule — when will it be offered?

While many of our courses are offered at least once per year, we can't make guarantees until the schedule has been finalized and published.

The spring and summer schedules are typically released in early January, and the fall and winter schedules are released on March 1. You can view published courses via your Student Centre or on the courses section of our website.

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