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Two Prize Winners

We are happy to announce that this year’s James D. Gaisford Research Prize for the best 2nd year paper has been awarded to Akio Yamazaki (left) for his paper “Jobs and Climate Policy: The Evidence from Carbon Tax in British Columbia.” There will be a formal awarding of the check and plaque when Akio is back in Calgary (he is in Ottawa collecting more data), but we hope all of you will join us in wishing him congratulations! 

Also deserving of our congratulations are the other authors of the second year papers in the competition: Hossein Hosseini, Meng Sun, Xiaoli Zheng, and Yan Yan.  The papers were interesting, well done and significant pieces of research and the Research Activities committee had a difficult time in selecting only one winner.  Their investigations included a study of intellectual property rights, the effect of an Olympic pollution clean-up in China on cognitive abilities, the measurement of corruption, etc.

The Spring/Summer Graduate Student Teaching Award for 2014 winner is Yutaro Sakai (right).   Yutaro taught Economics 395 - Use of Statistics in Economics in the Summer Semester to a class of 26.

Congratulations to both students.

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