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An Interview with William A. Barnett

William (Bill) A. Barnett has recently been interviewed by Apostolos Serletis. The interview covers Bill Barnett’s pioneering contributions to neoclassical economic theory of consumer and producer behavior, including his work on

  • Divisia monetary aggregation
  • flexible functional forms and demand systems, and
  • nonlinear and complex dynamics in economics and finance

The interview also covers Bill Barnett’s experiences as

  • rocket scientist at a high-tech aerospace firm
  • economist at the Special Studies Section of the Federal Reserve Board
  • economics professor at three universities: University of Texas at Austin, Washington University in St. Louis, and University of Kansas
  • Founder and Editor of the Cambridge University Press journal Macroeconomic Dynamics
  • Founder and Editor of the Emerald Press monograph series, International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics
  • Founder and President of the Society for Economic Measurement
  • Director of the program Advances in Monetary and Financial Measurement at the Center for Financial Stability
  • Founder and Director of the Institute for Nonlinear Dynamical Inference in Moscow

The interview of Bill Barnett is available online as a working paper in the Johns Hopkins Studies in Applied Economics working paper series and has been published open access by the Center for Financial Stability in New York City.  Here is the link at the Center for Financial Stability (enjoy!):

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