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CIHR project grant successes

UCalgary Economics researchers Dr. Aidan Hollis and Dr. Mingshan Lu have been successful in securing funding through the CIHR Project Grant Competition. The results for the Fall 2017 competition were released on January 24, 2018. The project grant program approved 512 research grants and 33 bridge grants, for a total of $372 million awarded.

Dr. Aidan Hollis received a 3-year CIHR grant of $328,950 to serve as principal investigator for a research program on the benefits of rapid testing for resistant infections in Calgary hospitals. Over the last decade, outbreaks of the bacteria C. difficile have reached epidemic proportions, infecting tens of thousands of people, particularly elders who are especially vulnerable to this deadly diarrheal infection. Early diagnosis has the potential to save lives, prevent poor outcomes, and reduce expenditures.

This project is entitled "C. difficile near patient testing versus centralized laboratory testing: a cluster randomized trial".

Dr. Mingshan Lu will serve as a co-investigator on a 3-year grant of $252,450 for a project aimed at furthering healthcare research and policy toward a patient-centred model of care. Currently we have no Canada-wide mechanisms to measure and monitor patient-centred care across the care continuum at the system level. Developing patient-centred quality indicators represents a key step toward ensuring that healthcare systems remain responsive to the needs and preferences of patients. This project aims to develop a set of quality indicators that will be evidence based and informed and prioritized by patients, ultimately driving care improvements that patients need and deserve.

The CIHR committee rated this application 4.53 and ranked it #1 among 58 proposals submitted to Health Policy & System Management Research. This project is entitled "Including patient voice in healthcare system performance: Development of patient-centred care indicators". 

To read more about the project grant results, please see the CIHR website. Registration for the next round of project grants are due by February 6 and applications will be due March 6.

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