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2018 SSHRC Grants awarded to faculty members within the Department of Economics!

The Social Science and Humanities Research Council awarded grants to three of our faculty members: Professor Eugene Beaulieu, Professor Alex Whalley, & Professor Mehdi Shadmehr.

Professor Beaulieu received the Knowledge Synthesis Grant—a joint SSHRC-ESRC grant—for work on Canada-UK relations. Working with a UK legal scholar at University of Sussex, Professor Beaulieu is engaged in a high-level collaborative research project on trade policy in the UK, including economics, law, and political science.

Professor Whalley's project is titled "Patents and Performance in the Global Economy", exploring how Canadian firms are increasingly concerned with protecting their intellectual property in foreign markets. However, we know relatively little about whether foreign IP actually affects firm performance. Professor Whalley's project will harness newly available data on firm performance and global patenting to provide an answer.

Professor Shadmehr's project is titled "Investment in the Shadow of Conflict: Globalization, Capital Control, and State Repression", to develop a tractable general equilibrium framework that integrates a model of the economy with a model of regime change. In combining the intertwined economic and political decisions of allocating capital into domestic or foreign markets and allocating efforts into economic production or politics, one is able to collect data and test the influence of the political risk of regime change, uncovering policies that foster economic development while reducing violence.

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