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Robert L. Mansell

  • Professor Emeritus of Economics

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About Me

Dr. Mansell has a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Alberta (1975), with specialization in econometrics and regional / resource economics, and is Professor of Economics at the University of Calgary. He is qualified as an expert witness before the National Energy Board, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, the B.C. Utilities Commission, the Ontario Energy Board, the Land Compensation Board and various other energy and utility regulatory tribunals across Canada. Dr. Mansell has also served on a number of regulatory review panels. His teaching includes courses on public utility regulation, industrial development and regional economics. Recent projects include publications / studies on traditional and incentive regulation (with applications to oil and gas pipelines), tolling alternatives for pipelines, public utility capital structures and the impacts of energy-related projects. Dr. Mansell has frequently appeared as an expert witness on tolling issues, project evaluations, the economic impacts of projects / policies, and general regulatory issues. Prior to becoming Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (in April 2001), Dr. Mansell served as Head of the Department of Economics from 1996-2001. In addition to service on a large number of Faculty and Departmental committees, he has served on many university committees such as: the Academic Plan Advisory Committee (for the energy and environment area); the University Planning Committee and the University Budget Committee; numerous Selection Committees for various chair and senior administrative appointments; the Post Secondary Funding Review Committee etc. Dr. Mansell also serves or has served on a variety of external committees and boards (for example, the Board of Directors of the Institute of Health Economics; the Board of Directors of the Van Horne Institute; the Steering Committee for the Centre for Regulatory Affairs, VHI; the Electric Energy Marketing Act Review Panel for the Minister of Energy; the Revenue Forecasting Review Panel for the Provincial Treasurer; the Board of Directors of the Alberta Energy Research Institute etc.). He is also a frequent contributor in terms of speeches and media reports.

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