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PhD Job Candidates

For more information on any of the candidates below, please contact:

Dr. Alex Whalley, Placement Director. Joann Weston, Administrative Contact
e: e:
t: 403-220-7143 t: 403.220.4091


Hossein Hosseini

CVPersonal WebsiteEmail

Research Interests: Environmental, Resource, and Energy Economics, Public Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper: Optimal Income Taxation in the Presence of Consumption Externalities

References: Dr. Trevor Tombe, Dr. Lucija Muehlenbachs, Dr. John Boyce

Meng Sun

CVPersonal WebsiteEmail

Research Interests: Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Environmental Economics, Health Economics

Job Market Paper: Minimum Wage Effects on Labor Market Outcomes Incorporating Workers' On-the-Job Effort

References: Dr. M. Scott Taylor, Dr. Atsuko Tanaka, Dr. Kunio Tsuyuhara

Xiaoli Zheng

CVPersonal WebsiteEmail

Research Interests: Energy Economics, Health Economics, Financial Economics

Job Market Paper: The Impact of Shale Boom on the North American Natural Gas Market

References: Dr. John Boyce, Dr. Lucija Muehlenbachs, Dr. W.D. Walls

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