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PhD Job Candidates

For more information on any of the candidates below, please contact:

Dr. Stefan Staubli, Placement Director. Joann Weston, Administrative Contact
e: e:
t: 403-220-6180 t: 403.220.4091


Chi Man Yip

CVPersonal WebsiteEmail

Research Interests: Environmental Economics, Labor Economics, Macroeconomics

Job Market Paper: The Ins and Outs of Employment: Labor Market Adjustments to Carbon Taxes

References: Dr. Trevor Tombe, Dr. Lucija Muehlenbachs, Dr. Stefan Staubli

Javad Moradpour

CVPersonal WebsiteEmail

Research Interests: Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Structural Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Competition and Innovation: A Structural Model using the Pharmaceutical Market

References: Dr. Aidan Hollis, Dr. Arvind Magesan, Dr. Mingshan Lu

Mokhtar Tabari

CVPersonal WebsiteEmail

Research Interests: International Trade, Energy and Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics

Job Market Paper: Import Competition, Productivity and Product Mix

References: Dr. Alexander Whalley, Dr. Trevor Tombe, Dr. Lucija Muehlenbachs

Wei Dai

CVPersonal WebsiteEmail

Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Econometrics

Job Market Paper: On the Markov Switching Welfare Cost of Inflation

References: Dr. Dan Gordon, Dr. Apostolos Serletis, Dr. Atsuko Tanaka

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