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The research mission of the Department is to advance knowledge in both theoretical and applied economics. The quality and quantity of the research must be consistent with securing a very significant and favorable international, national and regional research reputation for the Department and the University. The Department believes it is important to encourage applied and policy relevant research, which is solidly based in economic theory and strong empirical techniques; that addresses economic issues of local, national, and global significance; and that encourages leadership in the area of economic policy


Graduate: The Department believes a strong graduate program is central to its overall mission. This includes a dedication to both academic and professional degree programs. The graduates from the academic Master of Arts (M.A.) program must be recognized as having: superior quantitative, research and communication skills; superior training in selected fields of specialization; and a training in theory and methods that meets the entrance requirements for the best Ph.D. programs. The professional degree graduates from the Master of Economics (M.Ec.) program must demonstrate a good grounding in basic theory along with strong applications, communication and problem-solving skills. The development of graduates with skills and specializations that serve the requirements of local and regional employers is considered an essential service to the community. The Department is committed to the operation of a high-quality Ph.D. program commensurate with financial capabilities.

Undergraduate: The provision of high quality instruction in economic theory and applications at the undergraduate level is considered a very important part of the Department's mandate. This includes: teaching a broad selection of economics courses with non-discriminatory access as a service to large numbers of students enrolled in programs offered by other units and faculties, and offering general and specialized economics courses and structured programs for students in the Economics Department. As a research-intensive university the emphasis is on developing strong communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, along with a solid background with respect to technical, institutional and historical details relevant to issues and problems in a variety of areas. A key component of this mission is the continual improvement of teaching effectiveness.


As part of the university community, the Department is committed to providing administrative service to the University, to the Faculty of Social Sciences, to academic and research organizations affiliated with the University, and to the profession. The faculty members of the Department are also strongly committed to providing service to the community, including all levels of government, business, commissions, boards, and other such groups.


Approved by the Department of Economics, 24 October 2001

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