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Computing Facilities

The department has several computers, printers, and a scanner, copier and fax machine available for use by graduate students in the Reading Room. These computers have the standard office productivity software, as well as econometric software including Shazam and Eviews.

The TRI Faculty Microlab in SS 018/020 has a large number of useful applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, and statistics packages, as well as over 70 486 machines. It also has a scanner and a color printer.

The following applications run over the network:

  • Maple V is the best symbolic and computational mathematics program.
  • Mathematica is another popular symbolic and computational package.
  • Mathcad 6.0 is a symbolic and computational mathematics program. It uses the Maple kernel but offers a windows GUI.
  • Gauss is a highly versatile programming language which includes many pre-packaged routines. Many routines are available free at the Gauss Resources Page.
  • Stata is a statistics package which is particularly good for data management and graphs.
  • RATS is an econometric package which is particularly useful for some time series applications.
  • TSP International is a very capable time series program.
  • SPSD/M is a tool designed to analyze the financial interactions of governments and individuals in Canada.

It is the department's policy to assist graduate students in their research to the extent possible. Students should not hesitate to offer any suggestions about what software or hardware would be helpful.

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-The University IT Services Page has information on software available on the Unix on pricing of other software such as Microsoft Office, and on help.

-U of C IT Information Security Page

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