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Links to many of the required forms, as well as information on preparing for milestones (Comprehensive Exams, Candidacy and Thesis Defences) can be found on the Graduate Students Only Site.

Forms for MA Student

Forms for PhD Students

Department of Economics Graduate Student Handbook

Career Services

UofC Career Services inspires students and alumni to embrace their potential, achieve career excellence and contribute to the betterment of their communities; employers benefit through access to future leaders and innovators.

The Transformative Talent Internship allows PhD students to apply for a part-time or full-time paid skills based internship.

To apply for a Transformative Talent Internship, you’ll need to

Contact us at for more information.

Candidacy Policy

Graduate Calendar

The UofC Graduate Calendar: Is the formal codified document governing program requirements (including both progress and graduation requirements). This document is compiled and revised by the faculty of graduate studies and the registrar's office. The most recent version can be found HERE.

Graduate Students Association

The Graduate Students Association: Is a university wide body of student governance. The GSA serves several functions ranging from running the Grad Student Pub (the Last Defence Lounge) to negotiating the TA contracts which govern workload and payment for TA work. The department encourages any interested economics grad student to get involved with the GSA. Their website can be found HERE.

Economics Graduate Association (EGA)

The Economics Graduate Association (EGA): Was founded in 2013 to foster social and cultural interaction between graduate students. Their website can be found HERE.

Student Services

Student Services Look here first. Student Services is a one stop shop for a large number of UofC services. (Enrolment, IT, Health and Wellness, International, Student Rights, Career, Parking. Books, Food and Housing, Campus Security, Athletics)

Awards and Scholarship Office

Awards and Scholarship Office The Faculty of Graduate Studies Awards office administers several awards and provides regular information on available awards competitions and application procedures.

Department of Economics Prizes

Microeconomics Prize: For top graduate student in average of ECON 707 and ECON 757 (in first year class) - Value: $ 100.00

Macroeconomics Prize: For top graduate student in average of ECON 709 and ECON 759 (in first year class) - Value: $ 100.00 

Econometrics Prize: For top doctoral graduate student in average of ECON 615 and ECON 715 - Value: $100.00

James D. Gaisford Research Prize:  For best 2nd year research paper by a Ph.D. student - Value: $1000 CAD  

A committee, chaired by the Head of the Research Activities Committee will adjudicate the Second Year Research Papers. Please note that all second year students must present their papers to the department before the prize is awarded.

Graduate Student Teaching Award:  Awarded annually in the Fall in recognition of teaching excellence by a graduate student teaching a Spring or Summer semester course.  There is no monetary value.  The successful student will receive a parchment and their name will be added to a plaque within the department.  The award is decided by the Head of the Department.

Teaching Assistant Excellence Prize: For best Teaching Assistant awarded annually in May.

It is awarded every May by the Graduate Committee.  Nominations can be made of any TA who has worked within the department in the previous year (May to April). Nominations can be submitted at any time, but a specific call for nominations will be sent out to faculty by email on approximately May 1st.  Deadline for nominations is May 15th.  The award will be made shortly thereafter.

Value: $500. The winning student will also have their name added to a plaque within the department.

Criteria:  The winning TA will be judged by the graduate committee.  The winning TA should not only meet but also exceed the department’s expectations for TA’s.  


My GradSkills

My GradSkills provides professional and academic development opportunities to give you the skills you need to succeed before and after graduation.

Teaching and Learning Center

Teaching and Learning Center The University of Calgary's teaching and learning center provides a number of excellent workshops for students (and faculty) interested in improving their teaching (or TA) skills. Completion of a Teaching workshop is required for graduate students to teach sessionally in the department of economics.

Writing Support Tutorials

Writing Support Tutorials These one on one tutorials are offered by the student success centre at UofC in order to improve the writing strategies and skills of graduate students.

Calgary Toastmasters

Calgary Toastmasters  is a local chapter of the international Toastmasters group. Our students have had success in improving their public speaking skills by joining toastmasters.

Faculty Members and Research Interests

Faculty Members and Research Interests Useful for early stage students interested in finding a supervisor in a specific subfield

U of C Calendar Links

PhD Supervision

All new PhD students are assigned an interim supervisor upon arrival.  Please take some time to meet this person, and make use of this resource during the early parts of your time in the program.  The Graduate Director is also always available to you for discussion and support.  Although the first year is focused on tool-based course work, it is important to the department that you are connected with faculty and receiving support as you progress.  Questions contact

Transformative Talent Internship

Transformative Talent Internship

Do you ever wonder how you’ll use your graduate degree once you’re finished school? An internship during your graduate program can help you discover your options while enhancing your skills.

A Transformative Talent Internship is a skills internship.

A skills internship will

  • Enhance skills developed in your graduate program
  • Give you valuable experience for your CV
  • Open networking opportunities
  • Allow you to see what career options your degree opens for you

Transformative Talent Internships are

  • Paid internships
  • Related to your research skills but not necessarily to your thesis
  • Full-time or part-time
  • Best taken in your second year (Master’s) or post-candidacy (PhD)
  • Possible within 6 months of a successful thesis defense (but before graduation)
  • Scholarship funded

To apply for a Transformative Talent Internship, you’ll need to

Contact us at for more information.

*This project is made possible by funding from the Government of Alberta.

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