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Application Process

Application Form

Supporting Materials

The department requires that you provide

  • An on-line application form.

  • Three letters of reference.

  • Two original copies of all post-secondary transcripts.

  • Two original copies of your Certificate of Graduation (if your university transcripts do not identify that your degree has been awarded).

  • An application fee of CDN $125 for national students and CDN $145 for international students. Application fees can be paid in the following ways:
    • A cheque payable in U.S. funds (equivalent to must be drawn on U.S. bank and micro-encoded. The micro encoding at the bottom of the cheque identifies the U.S. bank, and allows the funds to be applied to the account of the University of Calgary).
    • A cheque payable through a foreign bank must be drawn on a Canadian bank and in Canadian $
    • A postal money order in Canadian or U.S. funds (equivalent of CDN $100 or CDN $130 international students)
    • Payment by either Visa or Master Card.
  • Application fees cannot be waived.  More information on tuition and fee payments 


Admission Requirements

For M.A. Program Requirements, please click here.

For Ph.D. Program Requirements, please click here.

Funding Opportunities for Prospective Students

  • SSHRC Master's funding (CGS-M): If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, please also consider applying for SSHRC Master's funding (CGS-M). The deadline for completed applications (including all reference letters and transcripts) is December 1st.  The award is valued at $17,500. For more information, please visit:
  • Queen Elizabeth II Scholarships:  Applicants to the CGS-M competition will automatically be considered for the Province of Alberta Queen Elizabeth II scholarships held at the University of Calgary (annual value of $10,800) being offered through this competition.
  • Any student winning a CGS-M or a QE2 through this CGS-M competition will also be given two terms of TA by the Economics Department - approximate value $17,000 for their Master's program.
  • Applications are submitted electronically through the Research Portal which opens September 1. Should you have any questions or concerns about the application process, please email:
  • The Faculty of Graduate Studies has many additional sources of funding that students can apply for.  For more information, please visit the Sources of Funding page.
  •  All applicants are considered for scholarships for which they are eligible. 

Application Deadline - January 15

The deadline date for application to the Department of Economics is January 15 .  

Applications will be considered for September admission. Due to the sequencing of courses, the Department of Economics will consider January admissions on an individual basis only.

Applications received by the January 15 deadline will be considered for admission with funding in the form of  Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Graduate Research Scholarship and Department recommended scholarship.

Only completed applications will be reviewed:  the on-line application, supporting documents and application fee must be received as requested.

Upon reaching a decision, the Admissions Committee rank all applicants to the program according to a number of factors, including the student's Academic Achievement, Background Preparation, Reference Letters, and the match between the applicant's stated interests our department's supervisory expertise.

Applications will be ranked on the above factors, and the availability of space in the program.

If you are a Canadian student interested in applying for our masters program, please follow this link and apply for a SSHRC master's scholarship.  This application is due by December 1st.  These scholarships are extremely prestigious and lucrative.  We strongly encourage all eligible applicants to apply.  See the Graduate Awards website with the new information and links for the Tri-Council competition.

If you are a Chinese student, please consider applying for a China Scholarship Council scholarship.  Information can be found on the FGS Prospective Student page under China Scholarship Council.

International Students

To see our GPA requirements, please see this website: GPA Admission Requirement

TOEFL and GRE Requirements

International applicants who have obtained their undergraduate degree from a Canadian University are not required to provide the TOEFL or the GRE.

The TOEFL requirement will be waived if the medium of instruction in the undergraduate program is in English.  The minimum total score on the new Internet based TOEFL is 80.  The minimum paper based score is 550 and computer based score is 213.  The IELTS will be accepted in lieu of TOEFL. The minimum IELTS requirement is 7.0.

 Applicants who have obtained their undergraduate degree from a Canadian University are not required to provide GRE scores. We prefer for all other students to provide them, but will consider applications without them. Again, potential applications should be aware that acceptance to the economics MA program is competitive, and that in many cases submission of these test scores will make you more attractive as a candidate for the program.  There are no substitutions for the GRE. Applicants should score at least 155 in the Quantitative Section and at least 3.5 in the Analytical Writing Section.

Original copies of the TOEFL and GRE scores be sent directly to this institution. The TOEFL Department Code is 84. And the GRE School Code is 0813 and Department Code is 1801.  Test scores for the TOEFL/IELTS and GRE more than two years old will not be accepted.

Additional documentation:

International students must provide certified copies in English of university transcripts and Certificate of Degree. In addition to these requirements, the Department strongly recommends that you provide a course outline for each of the highest level courses you took in:

    • Statistics or Econometrics
    • Calculus and matrix algebra; or mathematical economics (if the latter included both calculus and matrix algebra)
    • Microeconomics
    • Macroeconomics

Each course outline should include:

    • The name of the textbook(s) used
    • A list of required readings (if relevant)
    • A list of topics (or chapters) covered

Applying for a student visa: If you are planning to enter Canada on a student visa, you should allow as much as three or four months for the processing of your visa application after you have received the official acceptance from the University.

For more information, please click here.

Admission Policies

Applicants must hold or obtain the following minimum qualifications before the Faculty will give consideration to admission:

"A University of Calgary four-year baccalaureate degree or an equivalent degree from a recognized institution. Degrees and grades from foreign institutions are evaluated for their equivalency to those of the University of Calgary."

Acceptance  to the graduate programs at the University of Calgary is competitive.  Success in meeting our minimum entrance requirements with respect to grade point average or GRE scores does not guarantee admission to the program that you desire.

Once students have been admitted to a graduate program at the University of Calgary, they must maintain a B average to remain in the program.  


Offers of admission are valid only for the term to which applications are made.  Department of Economics will not grant deferrals of admission. Students unable to take up an offer will be required to submit a new application.



Newly Admitted Students

Please refer to Faculty of Graduate Studies' Guide for Newly Admitted Students

For more information, please visit:

New to Calgary? The University of Calgary is expanding its support to new-to-Calgary university students through the creation of the UCalgary Welcome Centre. 

The Welcome Centre is located at:
MacEwan Student Centre 450
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4




Q: Do I need to submit TOEFL scores in my application?

A: International applicants who have obtained their undergraduate degree from a Canadian University are not required to provide the TOEFL. The TOEFL requirement will be waived, if the medium of instruction in the student’s BA program was English. However, potential applications should be aware that acceptance to the economics MA program is competitive, and that in many cases submission of these test scores may make you more attractive as a candidate for the program.  

Q: Do I need to submit GRE scores in my application?

A: Applicants who have obtained their undergraduate or graduate degrees from a Canadian University are not required to provide GRE scores. We prefer for all other students to provide them, but will consider applications without them. Again, potential applications should be aware that acceptance to the economics MA program is competitive, and that in many cases submission of these test scores will make you more attractive as a candidate for the program.  

Q: Do I need to contact IELTS and GRE test agencies to send official score report to you? Or do I just need to mail copies of them to you myself?

Regarding test scores please mail them directly to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at:

Faculty of Graduate Studies
MacKimmie Library Tower, Room 213
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
T2N 1N4

Q: Can I apply to the PhD program without an associated MA degree?

A: No. However, students with acceptance to the MA program can apply to switch to the PhD stream following their first two semesters of study.  

Q: When is my application due?

A: Your application must be submitted by January 15 to be considered. Please have all of your materials (including test scores, reference letters, and transcripts) to us by then. 

Q: Can I use “unofficial” copies of my transcripts and send in the official copies after an offer is made?

A: Yes. Upload copies of your transcripts to the online application and once an offer is made please make arrangements to mail official transcripts to the Department of Economics. If you are an international student and would like to wait until admission decision to send transcripts, please notify the GPA at to advise that you are not sending transcripts until after admission decision is done. That way the administrator will know to use your unofficial transcripts to process the application.

If offered admission you must mail two sets of official transcripts from all universities you have attended to:

Department of Economics, SS 454
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive NW Calgary
AB Canada T2N 1N4

Q: Is there a difference in application/admissions requirements between the course and thesis based programs?

A: No. The application and admissions requirements are identical for the two programs. All students are treated as course based upon program entry. Those wishing to pursue a thesis based program should plan to discuss this with the graduate program coordinator following acceptance into the program.

Q: How do I check if my application is complete?

A: You can check the status of your application online in your student centre. If you have questions about the status of your sent documents or application, please contact the program directly. For more information please see Faculty of Graduate Studies Prospective student website:

Q: I don't have an honours degree; can I still apply to the MA Program?

A: Yes, you can.  However, we prefer students to have the equivalent of an honours degree in economics. You can take these suggested courses through the University of Calgary Open Studies to bring you up to an equivalent level. As an open studies student, you will be taking the required credit courses without being in a specific program. If you are interested in meeting the course requirements this way, please fill this form. Please see the Undergraduate Advisor, Lori Kallsen (, for further information.

Q: If my application to the PhD program is rejected, would my application be automatically considered for the MA Program?

A: No. A declined PhD application would not be automatically considered for the MA program.     

Q: Do international students have funding opportunities?

A: All students are considered for funding regardless of citizenship or status. 

Q: Where can I find some information on living in Calgary?

A: Please check this link:

Q: What are the GPA requirements for international students?

A: Please visit

Q: Where do I look for information on student visas?


Q: What are the tuition fees and cost of living?
A: For information on tuition:

For cost of living in Calgary:

Q: Where do I look for advice on study permits and immigration concerns?

A: Please note that the recent federal legislation stipulates that only certified consultants may offer advice about immigration issues. This means faculty members and staff cannot advise, interpret or explain immigration issues to students. Please see the Citizenship and Immigration Canada homepage ( for information. 

Q: What if my references are having problems with the form?

A: Contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies by email: or phone: 1-403-220-4938 

Q: Do you have January admissions?

A: Admission for PhD, MA thesis and MA course based program are September.

Q: Where can I find information on awards and scholarships?

A: Please visit

Q: Can you waive my application fee

A: No. We cannot waive your admissions application fee; this fee is assigned by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and is mandatory. Please note that an application submitted without the fee paid will not be processed.


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