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Thank you for your interest. The application deadline has now passed. Applications for the 2018-19 academic year will be accepted beginning in September 2017. 

Our strong graduate programs are rooted in high-quality research across a wide range of specialisations under the supervision of our prestigious faculty. The graduate program offers both Thesis-Based and Course-Based MA Degrees and a PhD degree. Our programs draw an extremely diverse group of students from across Canada and around the world, promoting the Calgarian tradition of encompassing all cultures and ways of life.

This section contains information about and resources for our current graduate students in the Department of Economics.

Current Students



Job Market Candidates

PhD Candidates

MA Candidates


Recent Graduates

Yutaro Sakai

Post-doctoral Research Associate / Arizona State University's School of Sustainability (2018)

PhD University of Calgary (2017)

The Department of Economics is a great place to pursue a PhD degree. Students have every opportunity to accumulate their research skills, including internal/external seminars, writing courses, and coffee/lunch with external speakers. As far as I know, this is an extremely unique environment. It was no easy job to survive the PhD program, but I...

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Morgan Gluzak

Revenue Analyst - WestJet

MA University of Calgary (2016)

I really enjoyed the fact that the Economics department not only provided me the ability, but encouraged me, to explore topics "outside of the box" of regular economic studies.

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